Wednesday, October 12, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny.

When I learned to knit
I had one goal in mind:
to knit socks. I did knit
a pair in January and then
moved on to other things.
When I was in Charleston,
SC a few weeks ago I found
this sock yarn, Clover. I
knew as soon as I read
the name that sock knitting
was once again in my future.
I have the ribbing and leg
of one sock completed and
am now working on the
leg of the second sock. I had
the idea if I worked on both
socks at the same time it
would be easier to remember
how to do everything. I had
a lot of trouble with the heel
last time so I am trying to
be prepared. I really do wish
someone would write left handed
knitting patterns. If this already
being done, would you please
tell me how to find them?

My reading this week
has been all about socks
too. I have been reading
Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting.
I do like all the pictures and
I have learned a lot about
sock parts; there are also
quite a few patterns I
would like to try. Now, if
I can knit the heels without
any tears being shed, I will
be very happy!


  1. Your sock is looking like a sock! You can definitely do socks, I know it. If you have any questions just email me, I would be happy to help if I could.

  2. My Mom says she agrees with you (about the lack of left-handed friendly patterns). She was also going to start knitting the second sock to her pair, but decided not to because she was afraid of how she would feel when she got to turning the heel. If you have any questions, I am willing to help! This is really my favorite part of the sock. Now if I could just get someone to knit rest of the sock for me.. ;)

  3. Love the yarn, great name too ;)

    Your picture has reminded me that I do not have a sock knitting book... I really should rectify this!

  4. That looks like lovely yarn, good luck with the 2nd heal. I am yet to attempt socks. Maybe next Autumn.

  5. Beautiful yarn Tracey!! I have yet to knit socks, I have crocheted them, but not knit. The sock book is great find! I prefer visual anyway, especially when it comes to knitting. Good luck with the heels, I know they will come out great :).

  6. Clover yarn! So beautiful and perfectly suited :-) I love your red needles, too. Metal needles are my favorite for their clicking capacity (not that I ever knit fast enough to make it happen ;-). I really want to knit my own socks, too....I would make them out of alpaca so my feet would be warm at last! Happy sock mastering. :-)

  7. The clover yarn is so lovely! I hope the heal works out well. I am a left hander, but I knit as per patterns, so I am of no help to you and neither have I knitted socks. Absolutely no help, am I! Jacinta x

  8. Love that yarn Tracey! The colors are just gorgeous. I'm back to knitting socks again as well, must be the chill in the air.

  9. BEWARE!!!! Sock knitting is very very addictive!!! You're doing great, and I'm sure you won't need a bit of help,but should you run in to a snag, just holler. I've probably made every mistake one can possibly make with socks!!!

  10. Tracey I forgot to mention I stopped at the library on my way home yesterday and got The Ruins of Gorlan. He finished it last night! Now we are off to get the next couple in the series. Thanks again for the recommendation, clearly it is a hit!

  11. don’t cry! and wow that yarn is bee-utiful!

    i am not a knitter and have vowed to not add another hobby to my list so i will just watch all you amazing women doing this super cool thing and be a tad bit jealous!!

  12. oh clover yarn for you :)
    i wish i could be of help tracey, i am not a left handed knitter but i've knit many pairs of socks. if it would be easier for you you might want to look at a video, has many helpful ones (i learned about it at my teacher knitting class). you can do it, i know it. :)
    (i love your pumpkins in the photo)

  13. Socks are so impressive to me! Maybe one day... ;-)

  14. I will knit socks. I WILL knit socks. I WILL KNIT SOCKS!!

    Yours are beautiful.

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. I've never knitted a pair of socks. It is something I would like to

  16. Tracey, just take the knitting on the heel of your socks nice and slow. Take your time and I promise you it gets easier the more you knit socks.

  17. The yarn is beautiful! I agree with Jen, just let it be slow and easy and zen, my friend. I love socks... though the hiatus I am on may belie that truth!

  18. Hi, I do not knit, yours looks cool, I am reading the English "Country Living Magazine" cheers from a Spring in New Zealand. Marie

  19. Oh the heel, that's what holds me back. Good for you getting your sock groove on!

  20. I have not yet tried socks. I'm thinking about taking a Christmas stocking class this Fall which would give me the sock-making basics. LOVE your yarn!

  21. Your socks look great. I like that Clover yarn and I'm impressed you are knitting on DPNs!

  22. Ooh sock knitting is so much fun :) I've got a couple in my ravelry que that I can't wait to get started and I love the yarn you are using! Happy knitting :)

  23. After reading your next post - I'm hoping tears weren't shed.
    I was just looking at sock knitting books at the library tonight. It's time I braved it...I'm glad you found the perfect yarn for you! :)

  24. I just love the colours of your yarn, so beautiful. As well as the name, of course!

  25. That yarn is so beautiful and fitting. I am sorry to hear about the size discrepancy. :( I didn't know you were a left handed knitter? I am too. :) I always confuse the girls at group because I never turn my work - I just left to right then right to left. Who wants to purl? ;)