Monday, January 24, 2011

Socks: Complete

"With ordinary talent
and extraordinary
perseverance, all
things are attainable."

~Thomas Foxwell Buxton

I stayed up way past
my bedtime:
I have to play catch up
with my paper work:
My house needs a
good cleaning:
There is a basket
of laundry that
needs to be folded:
but I have socks to
wear that I knitted!

I have been trying to
attain this goal for
almost a year:
perseverance does
pay off. xx


  1. You need to model them so we can see the socks in all their glory.

  2. I am nearly done with the cuff of my second first pair were a how to pair that were knit with chunky yarn really quickly in order to learn methods for my first real fine yarn pair!