Wednesday, September 28, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny
I am moving right along
with my Christmas list and
have now cast on an
 Infinitude Scarf/Cowl
using Bernat Bamboo yarn
in the color Wicker. I love
this yarn! I wish I could
afford to make a blanket
for my bed using it since
it is so soft. This is one
gift I have to keep reminding
myself isn't mine and I can't
keep it! ;)
I mentioned the other
day that I am rereading
all of Sue Grafton's books
in anticipation of her
newest book being released
in November. I like her
easy style of writing and
it's fun to start at the
beginning [1982] when
cell phones and personnel
computers were not around.
It really is like visiting
with an old friend.
What have you been up to
this week?


  1. Oh I know the yarn you are talking about! I can only imagine how wonderful a blanket would be in it *happy sigh*.

  2. I take it the bamboo yarn is pricey- especially for a blanket. I haven't read any of her books in years. But she's got to be better than Grisham's awful Confession book.

  3. I've always meant to read the Sue Grafton books, but I get overwhelmed by how many there are! Maybe I'll have to scout charity shops for them ;)

    Your cowl is going to be so squishy and wonderful

  4. my sister sylvia is knitting this wonderfully soft cardigan right now, in a gorgeous shade of green. i also wish the yarn wouldn't be so expensive then i'd make a huge blanket with it.
    enjoy the book!

  5. you are an inspiration--a christmas list--AND starting on it!!! I love the Sue Grafton's, too--I think I've read most of them, but I must admit--the plots all sort of get jumbled together; they are a fun escape.

  6. You can tell by the picture just how soft and lovely the yarn is! I know, I often feel like I have to limit my projects based on the cost of the yarns. Even my bunting turned out to be pricey! Thanks for the book recommendation...haven't read a mystery in ages!

  7. Oh boy I love that color. You might have to break down and make one for yourself!

  8. Oh, her books are good! I have not read one in quite a while. I also made the infinitude scarf and it is a wonderful pattern :) I cannot wait to see yours!!

  9. first off, i love sue grafton and have been reading them since, oh my, the eighties? i love murder mysteries....have you tried robert parker, he’s an old favorite, too. secondly, woman you are lovely and beautiful and i totally get how hard it is to see that ourselves...i shy away from every mirror and camera i see. i went to yoga with a friend yesterday and our matts were next to each other and she spent the whole time wanting my legs, which i hate, and i spent the whole time wanting hers, which SHE hates. what’s with us ladies? at least we know to laugh about it! thirdly, so sorry for the bean. so sorry.

  10. I love your choice of yarn for the infinity cowl. Something that you can bring up around your head and face like that needs to wonderfully soft!

    Somehow I missed your post yesterday. That shouldn't happen! What fun to see you up close and personal. You are beautiful! Why is it that we are so self critical? Have a wonderful day Tracey!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. My MIL loves Grafton, but I've never picked her up. Patricia Cornwell was always my guilty-pleasure-crime-writer. I love your scarf pattern and I know what you mean about having to remind yourself that "this one isn't for me!" Can't wait to see it finished. :)

  12. I have never read any Grafton. I really am not a big crime writer person... The yarn looks great

  13. I will have to look at her novels! I'm still plugging away at my same 3 reads, though I've been distracted with Mary Oliver lately. And I started knitting again! Looking fwd to joining back in with Ginny, maybe next week :).

  14. How did we manage before cell phones (we call them mobiles)or computers?? Love the look of your cowl. xxx

  15. good for you tackling the christmas knitting! i recently finished another christmas knit...two more to go!!!

  16. You are so brave! Knitting something "infinite" ;-). Dear me...what will Ms. Grafton do when she gets to Z??? I can't believe she's been writing since '82. Sheesh, I'm getting old.

  17. Now that I am back on my knitting kick, I will look for this brand! It looks super soft. I am starting on my Christmas list too....the only problem is that when I make something for someone, I want to give it to them that very second and I just can't wait! Not good for Christmas! But how do you read and knit - and have children? (and cook and blog and wash and .......the list just keeps going. I read in a comment on my blog that you taught yourself to knit on You Tube! That is amazing. I am lucky to have a good little knitting shop in my small town and I am signing up for lots of classes! Good Luck with your project!

  18. my dad is a rare book dealer and knows Sue and has all her first editions. what an amazing thing she has done, the brain power to come up with all those mysteries!

  19. That yarn looks so soft and nice to knit with!

  20. Ooh, that yarn looks lovely. And so many sweet cowl patterns around, aren't they just the perfect Christmas gift. I think everyone will just get cows this year. :)

  21. All my Christmas knitting plans and I haven't gotten anywhere yet! I love that cowl...hmm, how can I squeeze that onto my knitting list?? Your wool looks