Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"My business is not to remake myself,
But make the absolute best of what God made."

~Robert Browning

Courtney has been posting Self Portrait
Tuesday's. She is the mother of the 
cutest little boy and always posts
the most amazing recipes with 
pictures and great book reviews. I think
it is a wonderful way to put a face with
the words so many of us read each
day. I finally worked up to posting my
picture and not just the little profile
picture that I updated, but a regular
sized picture...I feel so brave! No,
really don't. I feel like I want to be sick,
but here it is...graying hair, wrinkles,
the glasses  I usually wear [if I want
to see clearly]. I did put on a little make
up since I'm in my 40's for goodness 
sake and I need some help!
Other than that, this is how
I look on most days if my hair
isn't in a ponytail and I'm not
in running clothes with no make up.
I never, never ever have my portrait
taken. I like to be behind the camera
not in front of it. When I have to face
a camera I usually blink at the wrong
time and my eyes are always closed,
I do weird things with my mouth and
it ends up looking like I'm talking.

Last week Emily rolled right out of bed and
took a picture of herself! Wow, not only
is she beautiful, she is so much braver
than I  am. I was suppose to post and
didn't. I hung my head in shame and
tried not to think about it. Well, I did
think about it, a lot. I am not thrilled
with my looks, but I do not want to
pass my hang ups on to my granddaughter
so I am trying not to be so self-
judgemental. These are the looks
I was given so I must make the
best of it. It's hard, but I'm working
on it! xx


  1. You are beautiful! No doubt about it. It was fun to see a full size picture of you.

  2. i just love you tracey, you are brave and honest and so beautiful. your granddaughter has a very special role model in you.

    i was never in photos either, and now i am sorry i let that happen. i want photos of me with my kids and grandkids or just me doing things i love, being happy. today, i put the camera in my daughters hands and said take a photo of me, with my two grandbabies! it was easy and now we have a photo we all like! keep taking photos my friend. :)


  3. You are beautiful!!! I see stories, wisdom, courage and love in your eyes.
    ...and you are inspiring, because, I've decided to join you and Courntey this week! Bed head and all in one of them :)
    Thank you for introducing me to another lovely blog by the way.

  4. Just gorgeous, you are! And it so nice to talk to you now knowing exactly what you look like. (OH that doesn't sound right I hope you know what I mean)xxx Kate

  5. Tracey, you're beautiful and brave! And I really think one of the best things we can do for little girls is to show them that we love our bodies--even if we have to fake it sometimes.

  6. Wow, you look so good...and you'd better be dying your hair because I don't see any gray. My hair would be ALL gray if I didn't color it every 3-4 weeks. You are just cute as can be.

  7. Tracey you are just gorgeous xxx

    ps i did it too.

  8. Better late than never! You look beautiful and just the way I imagine you.....maybe your previous profile picture has something to do with it :)

  9. Tracey, you are so wonderful. I don't see graying hair, wrinkles, or glasses. I see kindness, courage, honesty, and love. I'm so glad you decided to participate...you are beautiful. :)

  10. that's a neat idea. and you look great!
    i also have this thing with closing my eyes or making a funny face. or i have this huge grin on my face when everybody else has a just a sophisticated smile on their face... which in turn makes me took ridiculous.
    sylvia and i just took pictures of the two of us we're going to post sooner or later.

  11. i think you look beautiful! and i agree, this is how you were made, embrace it!!! i gave up coloring my hair about 4 years ago and now have a funky little white streak up front... took a bit of getting used to but i'm so happy to be showing the world the real me.

  12. You look wonderful, wrinkles and all! :) I find that I'm not quite brave enough for this...yet. I rarely like the look of myself in photographs. I've been thinking I need to put on a wee bit of makeup (haven't worn any in years) so that I don't scare those around me!

  13. hi beautiful! i agree, this is you, beautiful, lovely, you.

  14. I knew you are Beautiful, Tracey.

    This is concrete evidence
    beauty is not only skin deep

    Your beauty shines - both inner beauty and outer beauty.

    I L-O-V-E seeing you ! ! ! ! !

    hugs & hugs,

  15. you're gonna be sick, lol! you're hot!

  16. Tracey, you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Thanks for sharing your courage. I may just have to find a mirror for a self portrait of my own. You're not only a role model to your granddaughter. ;) xo R

  17. You are one hot mama! So glad you did this:)

  18. Hello beautiful lady!
    Much love

  19. I tried a Self Portrait Saturday Challenge at the beginning of the year and it was so difficult! Good on you for giving it a go!!!

  20. I think you are absolutely beautiful.

    (and I love your glasses!)

  21. you ARE beautiful Tracey!! And these glasses just suit you perfectly! sorry for commenting so late. it's still from the heart though, xx

  22. Love the self portrait--you are beautiful!!! Love the new header too!

  23. Love your honesty....because I am right there with you sister! :) Right down to wearing my glasses if I really want to see....and being a Grammie to a 3 year old grandson! :) Being 47 isn't so bad after all! :)

  24. Tracey, you are beautiful. And so very brave. I might work up the courage one Tuesday. But it is really lovely to have a face to go with your wonderful words here.

  25. You're gorgeous Tracey! But I think we all have a skewed view of ourselves and tend to be hyper-critical of the way we look. I agree with you about being brave and acting the way you want your granddaughter to think of herself. What a lucky girl, to have such a brave woman for her grandma. Also, I love your glasses and am so happy to be able to have a better picture in my head when I read your words.