Sunday, September 25, 2011


The best thing you have in this world is
Today. Today is your savior; it is often
crucified between two thieves, Yesterday
and Tomorrow.

Today you can be happy, not yesterday
or borrowed from tomorrow. There is no
happiness except Today's.

Most of our misery is left over from
Yesterday or borrowed from tomorrow.
Keep Today clean.  Make up your mind to
enjoy your food, your work, your play
Today anyhow...

Today is yours. God has given it to you.
All your Yesterdays He has taken back. All
your Tomorrows are still in His hands.

Today is yours. Take its pleasures and be
glad. Take its pains and play the [wo]man...

Today is yours. Use it so that at its close
you can say:

I have lived, and loved, Today!

~Frank Crane

weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the commentsJoining with Amanda for her weekending post.

First I would like to say Thank you
for all the sweet comments to my
last post. They have meant so much
to me and I hold each one close to
my heart.  I have decided to let
yesterday go and concentrate on just
Today, since that is all one can really do
isn't it? I can't worry about the 'what ifs '
or 'could have been's'. So, I have dried
my tears and am making the most of
the day and am not going to think of
the yesterday's or the tomorrow's.

This weekend has been a quiet one.
I have been working on my artist
trading cards for the swap Amanda
is holding. With the passing of the 
Lima Bean, I have had to redo my
cards since they featured drawings
of him, but I should have all the new
ones finished and in the mail by Tuesday.
Twice now I have baked the apple 
cake Ellen mentioned on her blog.
My guy's inhale it and I already 
have plans to bake another one.
This recipe is a keeper!
I finished my cowl and have it
blocking along with the shawl
I completed earlier. I hope
have pictures taken and upload
this week.
I am getting in a Lot of
running time and am enjoying
listening to my first ever knitting
podcast [ that I didn't even
know existed, thanks Karen].
It makes it seem like I am running
with a group of's nice.
I pulled out a stack of old books to
reread in anticipation of Sue Grafton's
newest book, V is for Vengeance.
I ordered and watched Bridesmaids
and wish I had just saved my
money and read or knitted instead. I didn't
enjoy it and had to send my fourteen
year old out of the room for parts of
it. I just thought it would get better,
but it never did. Have you seen it?
What did you think?


  1. I haven't heard any really great reviews about Bridesmaids, sadly. I have had a couple of friends say it's like the male version of the movie the Hangover (haven't seen that either). It's too bad it was a waste!

    Sounds like you have been keeping yourself pretty busy.

    Oh, I love your new profile picture!

  2. that's a lovely poem tracey, good words to live by for sure. and i'm glad it seemed to help with your recent sad news.

    i can't wait to see your knitting! and how fun you've discovered podcasts (the knitting ones), they are really fun, and i sometimes walk and listen too. (sadly no more running for me).

    and did you know sue grafton is from here? from santa barbara? now i really do have to read one of her books! i have not seen that movie, but i haven't seen many lately.

    have fun making your cards, i just joined my first swap, the christmas ornament one!

    p.s. love your new photo, you are so beautiful!

  3. These are beautiful words to live by, but oh so difficult for me. I am never able to enjoy today because I am just so afraid of and worried about tomorrow and haunted by yesterday. I am glad they helped you through a difficult and sad time.
    Gentle Hugs to you.

  4. We watch so few movies but thanks for making sure I do not rent that one! I used to cover my 14 yo's eyes.....still have the urge but he is 18 yo and reminds me frequently :) I'll be emailing you with the listening list by days end!!

  5. my friend...nothing worse than wasting time on a bad movie:)
    glad that you are finding peace with your recent loss...I know how strong you are...I think of you often.

  6. wonderful words--we need to be reminded every day! thanks for sharing.

  7. Tracey, As my dear friend reminds me each year in June, your sweet grandbaby now 'dances with Jesus'. Someday you WILL have a grand meeting! For now, I'm so sorry.

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. i am always afraid of the future so thanks for these words.

    i heard Bridesmaids was hilarious by quite a few people! oh no! still going to watch it :-)

  9. The Crane poem is beautiful. In all of my busyness over hear, I did not get a chance to read Friday's post until today. I am so sorry. My heart, prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Crane's words ring true. Thank you for the lesson is resilience, you beautiful woman you!
    much love and xo,

  10. Thank you for this! What a wonderful post. I am praying for your broken heart!

  11. Beautiful words.
    I may have to bake the apple cake. I love apple cake!xxx

  12. What a poem! It is one of those warm blanket poems, just wraps you warm in words :)
    God Bless Tracey.

  13. That poem is beautiful. I've been thinking of you often. You are a strong and inspiring woman.
    Looking forward to seeing your knitting - and I love the new photo of yourself!

  14. So glad you are enjoying "today." I am so sorry I missed yesterday's post...I have been there many times. One thing I always try to remember is that little Lima Bean was and is well loved. Always and forever. Thoughts and prayers for you, my friend.

  15. i have never seen bridesmaids but i've heard it's a bit on the raunchy side.

  16. This is a beautiful reminder Tracey to remain here in the present. Much love to you friend.
    xx oo

  17. Oh Bridesmaids was cringe worthy! But I will admit to screaming & laughing from sheer horror and shock. It's totally a movie for adults, not young teens. And I wouldn't see it again.