Thursday, September 29, 2011


The philosophy of mine earth
 can be summed up as this: 
 Sunshine creates happiness,
and I create myself.  Nights
are long and life is predominantly
 good.  Wind is refreshing.  Tea is
wisdom.  Do the best you can, and
 be good to yourself so that you
 can above all be good to others. 

 ~Jessi Lane Adams

I left all my work inside
yesterday afternoon and
sat in my yard, knitting
in hand and watched a
butterfly feast on my
overgrown basil. It was
nice just to relax in the
sun and have a little time
to reflect on these last
few months. Even with
all the sorrow that has
entered my life these
last few weeks, over all
life is predominantly good.
Yes, the nights are still
long, but the days make
it worth the hours of
sitting in the dark, listening
to the crickets and frogs.
I am doing the best I can, 
trying to be good to myself
and to those near and far
from me. I hope you are
treating yourself well, are
enjoying the sunshine on
your face, drinking a cup
of tea [coffee] and are at
peace with yourself on
this last Thursday in September.


  1. Hi Tracey, I love that verse. We also have had much sadness this year, but then again much joy as well. A little reminder to be good to one self is always welcome. Hugs and warm thoughts I send your way. xxx

  2. "Do the best you can, and
    be good to yourself so that you
    can above all be good to others. "
    What a simple and beautiful thing to remember.

  3. Such a very nice verse.

    I showed Chase your butterfly picture -- he loves it.

    Have a wonderful day. XX

  4. Beautiful quote today, if I lived next door I would have sat beside you with a cup of tea and my knitting :)

  5. Beautiful words. The butterfly is amazing. I think I'd love to sit along side you with a cuppa and knitting in hand too! Jacinta xx

  6. Beautiful shot. I am glad you got a chance to enjoy the calm.

  7. A very good place to be! And goodness that butterfly IS amazing. It looks like I could just pluck it from the computer screen!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Lovely. I am so happy you allowed yourself some time. It is always important to be good and patient with ourselves-something I have yet to master. Thank you for your kind wishes.
    Your photo is fantastic. Do you grow herbs indoors during the Winter?

  9. I am always impressed by your photography ~ gorgeous! I hope there are many good things to come!

  10. You have such honest goodness about you.
    Have wonderful day sweet woman!

  11. "Do the best you can, and
    be good to yourself so that you
    can above all be good to others."

    I guess it really is that simple. If I could just remember that when things get difficult, I'd be a lot happier.

  12. Thank you Tracey, what a lovely soul you

  13. Bless you Tracey. I wish you the best as you seek the beauty in the days!

  14. Beautiful words and such an important reminder. Thank you.

  15. You are just so lovely, Tracey, I want to hug you. Glad to hear you are treating yourself well.xoxoR

  16. What beautifully written sentiments. Sometimes just sitting and watching that beautiful butterfly for example, can help calm and focus you for the next days ahead. So can prayer!

  17. sounds like a wonderful way to relax on a thursday afternoon.