Sunday, October 25, 2015


Live neither in the past nor
in the future, but let each
days work absorb your
entire energies, and satisfy
your wildest ambition.

~ William Osler

Time seems to have gotten away
from me and my poor blog has
been gathering a little dust. I love
my little space here and really 
need to do better at taking care 
of it. 

I have been spending my time 
outdoors as much as possible,
exploring, walking, dreaming and
over all just enjoying the cooler
temperatures, Karen, I can't help 
but think of you when my I look
in the mirror and I'm having a 
good hair day...hooray for the
lower humidity.

Knitting is always apart of my days,
I finished a lace cowl and have a few
other [secret] projects that are seeing
some love.

I've been canning...pickled sausages
to be exact. As most of you know I
am the only vegetarian in my home
so this was a project I struggled with,
but my guys are thrilled.

The best part of the weekend? Getting
to spend some time with my grandson,
Porter, such a sweet and happy little
baby. I am enjoying reading him the
same books I read to his daddy, and
just sitting and holding him. Time
goes by very fast!

Weekending with Karen


  1. What a cute smile!
    That yarn looks cool!

  2. Porter is such a cute little guy! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend so much and I hope you have a great start into the week.

  3. Oh goodness Tracey, Porter is just adorable! So happy you got to spend time with his this weekend. Enjoy your week Tracey.

  4. yay for low humidity!! he is one happy baby, I would drop everything (even a blog) for that sweet face. Glad you had a good weekend and great hair! My hair was perfect while I was freezing in Boston :)

  5. Porter's smile is darling. He is joy. Yay on finishing your lace cowl and pickled sausages? That is the first time I've heard of that. How neat.

  6. Time does go by fast! Porter is just the sweetest baby--what a beautiful smile. I have never heard of pickled sausages or seen acorns like the ones in the first photos (is that a live oak tree)? Your lace knitting is really lovely; that cowl is a beautiful pattern. 'Tis the season for secret knitting projects; I just love this time of year; the cool weather, gorgeous skies and long shadows (which you captured so well in your photo), shorter days and long evenings--perfect for making and baking and outdoor walks.

  7. what a little love!!! just look at that smile!!!! enjoy every minute!

  8. Somehow looking into the faces of sweet babes makes everything better. Enjoy your outdoors and your good hair days, love.

  9. Gorgeous photographs (no wonder you want to spend so much time outdoors) and cute little man. He looks to be such a happy soul. Enjoy the cooler days,

  10. I am glad you are finally getting some weather that you can enjoy! Porter is growing so fast. He's so darn adorable!

  11. I'm been neglecting my blog too - I'm very glad you are back though to fill this space with beautiful pictures !!!

  12. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Porter is such a cutie!!

  13. It's so nice to see you, Tracey. I'm glad you're enjoying the weather and time outdoors. I've never seen canned pickled sausages, I will have to check those out. They sound like something my husband would enjoy. I hope you have a good week.

  14. Tracey, one of my most favorite things about being a grandma is reading the books I read to my son to his sweet babes. :) Pure bliss!

  15. The cowl looks lovely Tracey, but did you say pickled sausages? Whew, I have never even heard of such a thing. You win the award for wife and mom of the week for doing that.

  16. I read books to C that my mom and dad read to me!

  17. I cannot believe how big Porter is! And what a happy happy boy! Thanks so much for sharing the picture of him, Tracey. He's a doll!

  18. Porter, you are adorable!

    My grandson, Liam, is 5 1/2 months old now, where does the time go?!