Wednesday, October 28, 2015


" But Grandmother what big eyes 
you have" she said, " The better
to see you with my dear"

~ Little Red Riding Hood
   The Brothers Grimm

Not long ago I received a
phone call from my granddaughter,
Emerson, asking me if  I would please
knit her something to keep her head
warm when she walks to school since
Germany winters are so much colder
than the southern winters she is
use to. After looking at several
patterns we decided on the Canyon
Cowl. Emerson would have loved to
have it in orange, but since red is also
a favorite color we went with it as
I knew it would be easier to find the
red yarn in the weight I needed.

The cowl would have been done
much sooner, but I made the mistake
of twisting the stiches when I joined
for the round, something I haven't done
in years, and I had to rip out almost
half and begin again.  It was knit on
a size 13 needle and I thought it would
have knit up a lot quicker, but I kept
having to take breaks since that size
needle is just not comfortable in my
hands. Give me a size 4 or 6 needle
any day!

The rain has once again arrived in
SC so I spent the day inside, baking
and knitting. I finished the last few
rows of knitting and after seaming
the hood I managed to crochet the
optional border around the face,
something I was going to leave off
since I don't crochet, but it really
wasn't that hard, yah me  ;)

I think Emerson will be pleased with
the results and I'll post photos of her
modeling it just as soon as I can.

Reading has been so slow, not because of
the book, but because I am just exhausted
at night after spending as much time as
I can outdoors.  I am reading Station Eleven
and really am enjoying it. I think with
all the rain I will be able to spend a little
more time reading this week and once
this book is done I have plans to read Kate
Morton's newest release, The Lake House.

Joining Ginny


  1. This is such a lovely cowl! I have added the pattern to my favourites, thanks for the link. Your granddaughter will want to wear it 24h a day.

  2. I LOVE the cowl! It should be nice and warm for her, can't wait to see photos of her wearing it. Your crochet looks great for a rookie!

  3. love the hat/cowl!!! and that button just makes it perfect. I bought that book while in Cambridge, I hope I like it too :)

  4. Love your cowl. I'm sure she will be excited to get it. Winter in Germany sounds pretty cold.
    Your photos are gorgeous. I love fall leaves.

  5. Tracey, the Canyon Cowl is beautiful and you know that Emerson is just going to love it! How special that she called on you to meet the need she had. I love that. My girlies would do the same.

    I'm glad you've been able to spend lots of time does make for good sleeping at night, doesn't it? We are having lots of rain and wind today so I think my exercising will need to be done inside today.


  6. Can't wait to see your red-riding-hood modeled! And I like the play on "all the better to see you with" with the water droplet and colorful leaves...not sure if that was your intention, but it's what I thought of immediately. :) Have a great Wednesday, Tracey.
    xo Lisa

  7. That looks so toasty, it will definitely keep Emerson's ears nice and warm. I did twisting thing at the weekend about three times...It's so annoying isn't it. Enjoy your cosy baking, knitting, reading days.

  8. She's going to LOVE that hoodie!!! How cute!!!!!!! Rain has hit here, too....good for the sod covering the waterline trenches, bad for the backyard construction crew (that seem to think they have the day off if it rains?!?)

  9. The cowl turned out fantastic and it'll keep Emerson nice and warm during those cold winters. Can't wait to see her model it! Have they found some yarn stores in Germany yet? I know one popular chain (Wolle Roedel) is probably near where they live...

  10. That cowl is gorgeous! I think I might have to make one for my girlie. And your pictures are always so pretty :-) I love it!

  11. I can't wait to see Emerson in it - she's going to love it! I was teaching my students about the perils of twisting your yarn while knitting in the round last night. They were horrified to learn the only real fix is ripping it all back.

  12. its beautiful! She will love it for sure!

  13. It is lovely and E will be super cute wearing it.

  14. That hood is great!! Emerson will love it- what a sweet request!

  15. Your project is lovely! That giant button is the best. :) Whatcha been baking!?

  16. Lucky Emerson. Super cute! My fave color too.

  17. !!!! Livinf in S California, I don't know when this would be worn :( but it is beautiful!

  18. It's lovely it looks so cosy and warm. :)

  19. That looks so wonderful and cozy! I'm sure she will love it!

  20. I believe your granddaughter will love it! It is beautiful!

    Your knitted stitches looks just like mine (twisted).

  21. I love the cowl and I am sure your granddaughter will as well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I agree with you about enjoying a size 4/6 best.

  22. Oh my, that cowl is wonderful, such a vibrant shade too! How great that your granddaughter ask you to knit for her.

  23. Your photos are gorgeous! I love the one with the basket in the grass and the red knitting project peeking out!!

    And the cowl is wonderful!!

  24. The basket shot with the red cowl is spot on with your opening quote. This is a terrific FO. Emerson will love it and so fun to imagine her angelic little head trottin' off to school with that on.

  25. I love love the knitted hat.cowl! Wish it was cold enough here in Colorado to wear something so warm and cozy. Your pictures are amazing too.

  26. I love the cowl. I hope we get a photo of Emerson wearing it :) Rain here today too, and lots of it.

  27. I see Station Eleven every time I go the book store and I always almost buy it. Maybe next time I will! GORGEOUS cowl! I would have *loved* that when I was Emerson's age. I love it now!

  28. I love this! Perfectly Little Red Riding Hood style :)

  29. I love it and can't wait to see her in it!

  30. What a gorgeous chunky cowl! It will surely keep your girl warm!

  31. What a gorgeous hood in a perfect colour! She will adore it :)

  32. It is super cute Tracey - she will be so warm when she wears it! Frogging half of it - oh, that would have been frustrating. I was working on a cable hat this weekend and started the cable pattern over three times. AARRGH!

  33. I love the cowl you made Emerson! Can't wait to see a picture of her wearing it!!

    Linda in VA

  34. I love the color on the trees and also the color on the hooded cowl!! Very pretty!! God bless