Sunday, October 18, 2015


If you're struggling tonight
please know you're not alone.
You matter very much. Don't
give up.

~ National Suicide Prevention Hotline
   1-800-273-TALK [8255]

 There are nine pecan trees on
my land and most of the time
the squirrels devour all the nuts
before I can blink, but not this
 There is one tree my furry
little friends seem to have
missed, and while these nuts
are smaller than those on the
other trees, they have the
best flavor. I am only picking
up a handful at a time, but I
am thankful for each nut that
 Miss Daisy Mae
Turkey has been
enjoying the cooler
weather and having
a chance to run around
the field along with her
chicken sisters and brother.
 The girls found a great
spot to dig for worms.
And Zeus The Rooster has
been keeping a close eye on
everything and he is just waiting
for a chance to send me running,
he does not like me at all.
 I heard that some of you had
frost and some even had snow,
and SC wasn't to be left out, we
did have a wonderful cold front
blow in.  While there won't be
snow on the ground, it is cold
for here and there will be quilts
on the beds.
 I have been getting up and out the
door just as soon as I can see to enjoy
an hour getting grounded for my day,
it just helps the day flow so much better.
I paid a visit to my LYS and
had a hard time sticking to
my list. I saw the sample
knit of this and have not been
able to stop thinking of it. The
yarn was so soft, light and airy.
I tried my hand at knitting
a headband with a huge flower,
and while I am a little too mature
[ahem] to wear it, I think it is
I have enjoyed watching 
the sun rise 
and the sun set each day.

I didn't want to say goodnight
without first saying that if you
are in any way thinking this life
is too hard and that you can't go
on please, oh please, talk with
someone, call a friend, call me,
I would love to talk with you or
call the number at the top of the post.
Suicide is not the solution, it's not.
You are important and you are loved!
We are all fragile, we all go through
stuff, but we are here for each other
and we can all help each other.
Much love,

Weekending with Karen


  1. Great post, Tracey and thanks for reaching out to those who are struggling. We all struggle sometimes and need to be there for each other. You are awesome!

  2. Your weekend looks and sounds lovely, Tracey. So happy you were able to gather some pecans. How neat to have your own trees even if the squirrels think they belong to them.
    That pink headband is darling.
    Your last paragraph is so kind, compassionate and so very true. Our family has been touched by suicide twice. It seems to be a topic still enshrouded in secrecy, yet happening all too frequently.
    Wishing you a good week.

  3. The LYS is FUN! You are kind to address those who may be struggling.

  4. Wonderful, touching post! I Sounds like you had a very nice weekend, too. The LYS, perfection. :-)

  5. A beautiful post! You've created such an amazing place here, Tracey!

  6. Thank you, I appreciate the poignant post. xo Tammy

  7. Beautiful post my friend, thank you. xo

  8. You are always thinking of others, Tracey. You have a gold soul and heart..I love how you have pecan trees. They are a nut I like. I bet the squirrels have hid away many of your nuts. Lovely photos in this post. Squishy yarn; Berocco is so reliable. That jumper pattern is yummy. I love it.

  9. this touches me deeply. I have family who have faced depression and it is such a sad event to witness. I hope that your post helps more people than you realize. You are a treasure Tracey :)

  10. A very thoughtful post, Tracey. While depression is hard on the sufferer it can also be hard on the loved ones. Sending you much love and strength.

  11. Love the real I find here, Tracey, and pray your words, like a well-shot arrow, are true, hitting the target (heart) of anyone needing them.
    Your weekend, and your way of sharing your blessings, is always a delight. :)
    xo Lisa

  12. Depression is such a struggle for so are such an angel for reaching out. Thank you!!!

  13. Beautiful sunset/sunrise photos ~ you are motivating to set my alarm one hour earlier now! I agree with all the comments have a wonderful and inspirational blog. Thank you for bringing some positive light into this world!

  14. Hugs, I think you're very good to remind people and to make yourself available to anyone who needs to talk. Your photos are beautiful. I hope you're having a good week so far.

  15. We have not had frost yet here in Denver but it was pretty chilly in NY. I"m glad I brought my coat! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  16. Tracey, I so enjoyed this post! Your photos are gorgeous, and I love the story they tell about your life. Your sharing warmed my heart (we had a little snow the other day and frost every night). Life has been hard lately, and it is really good--and so important--to know that everyone struggles, and I am loved. Your words are a priceless gift. You have a sweet spirit and a beautiful heart. ♥

  17. I just had to google to find out what LYS is. Local Yarn Store...yes a good place to be. Hope you are in a good place too. How kind of you to open your hear to those feeling vulnerable.
    Look after yourself too.
    lots of love,

  18. Tracey, I LOVE your headband...and you are not "too mature" to wear it. My sister-in-law (who is probably around your age) had one on Saturday. I asked her if she made it and she said, "Oh no, I can't do anything like this...I got it in Alaska and I wear it because it keeps my ears nice and warm. " So there you go. She looked adorable, by the way, just as I know you would! :) xo Girlfriend.

  19. ...when Scout was little we used to pick up pecans in the park where he played in SC...and here we have huge hickory trees in the I'm going to gather some hickory nuts this year...

    ~Have a lovely day!