Sunday, September 27, 2015


Do your thing,
Do it unapologetically.
Don't be discouraged
by criticism. You probably
know what they are going
to say. Pay no mind to
the fear of failure.  It's far
more valuable that success.
Take ownership, take chances,
and have fun. And no matter
what, don't ever stop doing
your thing.

~ Asher Roth

Have you enjoyed your weekend?

Mine has been very quiet. I finally
blocked my blanket and then took
it for a quick photo shoot before
the rain fell again and the mosquito's
carried me away.

I am so pleased with how this project
turned out and now it is stored away
in the cedar chest until it is wrapped
up to be given away at Christmas.

I started my new knit project Follow Me,
but I made a mistake on one stitch when
I added the contrasting cream stripe. I knit
on it for a few hours more before I knew
I needed to start over, it was really driving
me nuts, it's all I could focus on when I 
looked at the shawl,  so I ripped back to
the beginning, and now am much happier,
no mistake. I should have just ripped back
as soon as I saw the error, but sometimes
I must learn the hard way. Sigh.

I've watched old movies, The Quiet Man
and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, finished one
Audible book, A Man Called Ove [which
I loved] and began another, . I've gotten
my steps in and just enjoyed peace-filled

Weekending with Karen


  1. Those are the best kind of days...the quiet ones. So much gets done :0) Your blanket is just gorgeous!!!!! so airy and light. Such beautiful work you do dear lady :) mari

  2. We had a quiet but very industrious weekend too. It was so good. Your blanket is beautiful. I hope that I have the patience to make something as beautiful one day. What a lovely Christmas gift. A Man called Ove sounds a lovely read as well. I must get remember to start listening to audio books.
    Here's to lots more peace-filled days. Have a lovely week.

  3. The blanket is beautiful Tracey. I hope your week brings quiet too.

  4. The blanket is absolutely stunning Tracey! Whoever the recipient is, is very lucky to receive such a beautiful heirloom!

  5. Tracey, it is beautiful!
    Frustrating about the ripping, but now you will enjoy this knit without the pesky boo-boo. :)
    Have a happy Monday,
    Lisa :)

  6. That blanket is so gorgeous! Somebody is going to be very lucky at Christmas time. I'm glad you had a nice peaceful weekend.

  7. Your blanket is such a beautiful work of art !!! Your peaceful weekend sounds lovely...wishing you more of the same for the up coming week.

  8. I want to come and watch old movies with you :) Lovely lovely blanket!!! love the shawl as well! your quote today really resonated with me, thank you.

  9. you did a beautiful job on the blanket..

  10. My reaction at the first blanket post was, "Oh wow." Lovely job, Tracey.

  11. Unreal Tracey- that is some talent you have there gurl. That blanket is a heirloom for sure- so beautiful.

  12. This blanket will become a true heirloom! Absolutely magnificent piece and I love how you took pictures of it in the woods!

  13. Love everything here! Those colors are beautiful! :)

  14. Your knitting is so beautiful. The blanket is particularly gorgeous and intricate. Wow. I'm glad you had a nice, peaceful weekend. The Quiet Man is one of my husband's favorite movies. I hope your week is going well so far, Tracey.

  15. The blanket looks marvellous! Nicely done :o)

  16. Your blanket is a work of art - simply gorgeous!

    Linda in VA

  17. g-a-s-p!!! WOW!!! stunning!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  18. Your blanket! Gorgeous!! I love it!