Thursday, September 24, 2015


Life... quietly and beautiful
in the moment, all we have
is....Now. Be present.

Autumn arrived in the Lowcountry,
at least for the time being. Along
with the much cooler temperature,
[my a/c is off for the first time in
months [!]], rain came thundering
in making me want to stay inside,
drink hot tea, make soup and knit,
so that is exactly what I did.
After spending much too long
trying to do a provisional cast on
I found these instructions making
it a breeze. I knit over a dozen rows
of the Guernsey Triangle only to
realize that the meadow yarn that
I love so much just doesn't have
the stitch definition needed for this
project so I ripped out, then spent
some time on Ravelry browsing
for another project to use this
much loved yarn on and finally
decided to cast on Follow Me.
I wound another skein of yarn in
a pretty cream and am now ready.
It's still raining outside, the tea
is still hot and I have a night of
knitting ahead of me....
Life is good.

Have a great weekend my friends.


  1. Tea, soup and knitting has been on the agenda here too this week. I love this time of year. Enjoy the cooler weather Tracey, I hope it sticks around for you. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. Oh my what better way to spend a rainy day - drinking tea, (love that little teapot and cup), making soup and knitting - sounds like heaven. Have a great weekend.

  3. that soup looks amazing!
    yes, you are correct... life is good!

  4. Rain came yesterday afternoon and hasn't stopped, but for some reason it is unseasonably mild. Did you paint your lovely little tea set? Enjoy your weekend Tracey!!!

  5. I LOVE the rainy day teapot!
    Isn't soup the finest dish for fall? Yours looks yummy.
    Indeed, you describe a perfect day/night!
    Happy Friday, good Tracey!
    I love your yarn AND your knitting.

  6. Your lentil soup looks comforting. I love your sock! Did you use scrap yarn for the ribbing? We have cool late nights and early mornings here. Yesterday was 91°, bleh. Today is supposed to be 86, sigh.

  7. Save a bowl of that delicious lentil soup for me! Lentil is a family favorite here (what my son always requests for his Aug. 6 b-day -- crazy!). Sorry about your pattern/yarn trouble but glad you found something new to create. We are closing the garden this weekend and putting much of the harvest by for winter. Tracey -- I could NOT find the socks I told you I'd send, but I'm still looking for them and, LW, will find them today! Have a happy, slow weekend, my friend. xo Lisa

  8. Cabin fours patterns are so lovely and simple aren't they? Your sock picture makes me want to cast on for some lovely winter socks!

  9. life is good!!! (rain, soup, cooler temps, and knitting!!!)

  10. I love this quote, I believe it is from "Power Of Now"? Your pictures are always so inspiring! Have a great weekend!

  11. I think is a good reminder... something that I need to write on my arm perhaps? A snuggled up day at home with knitting and soup sounds just about right. I will be looking forward o one of those days this fall. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  12. Perfect title to this post.
    Such sweet and beautiful happenings. I am dyeing over your tea cup and pot- so cute! Enjoy these cooler days and those lovely knits. XO!

  13. I've never done a provisional cast on. In fact, if a pattern has that, then I don't do it! But this one you show here looks like something I just might be able to do!! So thanks!

    Linda in VA

  14. you do pick the prettiest patterns to knit! I have to queue or favorite it so I'll remember. Love a no AC day!!