Sunday, April 12, 2015


In between goals is
a thing called life that
has to be lived  and enjoyed.

~ Sid Caesar


 Days filled with long
walks in my woods.

Playing with my different
camera lens and dreaming
of owning this.

Discovering what looks
to be a grand blackberry
season if I can beat the
deer to them first.

Watching the Blue Angels
and seeing the Blue Angels
female pilot fly over my

Storm clouds that blew in
much cooler weather, but
no rain.

Setting up my easel and
dusting off my paints.

The first strawberries of the
season, eaten with  coconut
flour pancakes and coconut
whipped cream.

Watching Game of Thrones
and knitting, waiting on the
new season to begin tonight.

It's been a pretty nice and relaxing
weekend and I hope the same for
you too.

Joining Karen.


  1. Sounds like a very relaxing weekend indeed. Ours was filled with good things, good friends, a bike ride for a good cause, sunny skies and work accomplished. Life is good!

  2. Sounds wonderful Tracey. I hope for more of the same in your week ahead.

  3. Today was just filled with sunshine. So glad you sent some my way :0)

  4. I love you new header photo. It is so green there! Have a great week.

  5. So beautiful, I enjoyed very much seeing so much green. Have a lovely week!

  6. Blue Angels- what a thrill, always such a treat to watch them. Sounds like a great weekend Tracey- enjoy those strawberries :)

  7. I'm glad you pulled out your easel and paints, I too have been plotting new ideas and projects, and I'm writing them down so I don't forget. Right now the house is quiet and serene and empty! Yay :)

  8. your woods look so lovely!!! You are so lucky to have them nearby... Have a great week Tracey.

  9. sounds like a wonderful weekend. <3

  10. Wow - that is quite the lens! I thought of you last night - I knew we were watching and knitting 'together'!

  11. How cool to see the Blue Angels flying over your house.
    That strawberry is a beautiful sight. My husband is currently on his way home from a business trip to SC. He called me from a farm stand asking if I'd like some farm fresh strawberries. Yes please!!

  12. Life is good in your world. Any tips on growing strawberries and blackberries?

  13. Long walks in your woods sounds wonderful to me, Tracey. May your week be filled with joy and blessings!

  14. First strawberries! Yum :) I don't think I will ever tire of how different our seasons are, Tracey, I love how yours remind me of all I can look forward to. Love those jet shots! xo

  15. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, Tracey. It's been a rough couple of weeks at my place, but thankfully, things are looking up. :) I love watching military jets speed by...we have a guard base south of us in Oregon that sends daily flights up. Blessings, Lisa :)

  16. Wonderful weekend, Tracey. How fantastic to have been able to experience the first female Blue Angel pilot!

  17. Oh my, strawberries already?! I have one more bag of frozen ones from last year - I'm making it stretch until the berries around here are ready in early June.