Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Woke up this morning with a
terrific urge to lie in bed all
day and read. Fought against
it for a minute.

Then looked out the window
at the rain. And gave over. Put
myself entirely in the keep of
this rainy morning.

Would I live my life over again?
Make the same unforgiveable mis-
takes? Yes, given half a chance,

~ Raymond Carver: Rainy Day

Only sock knitting is seeing any action
this week. I'm working on my sleeping
socks in the evening and my Jellybean
socks during the day, and while I do love
them both I have been eyeing this
sweater and am not sure how much longer
I am going to wait before I cast it on.

I woke this morning to the sound of
rain so I decided to stay in and
finish reading my book. I thought I
knew where the story was headed,
and while I did know who the 'bad
guy' was, there was an exciting twist
that I loved. Not a bad read.
Joining Ginny

PS: The roses are 20 year old New Dawn
that grow on my pump house.


  1. I love New Dawn, they grew so well for me in California. Fun that you are knitting sleep socks and that sweater looks so special... You go!

  2. I tend to cast on many projects at a time...perhaps that is why I knit so slowly, because I am working on so many different things. But, I find that sometimes I need mindless knitting, sometimes I need something fun, and sometimes I just want a really great pattern, no matter how hard it is :-)

  3. we have new dawns all around our backyard fence! Love them so, but our aren't even in bud yet. Great looking sweater....go for it! (but where does that put acer?)

  4. Beautiful roses.
    I dream of a big rose garden, but the winter climate is hard here in the north...
    Looking forward to see the sweater :)

  5. We can't grow roses due to the DEER. Notice the caps...not liking them much this spring. :( I just shared the reads I finished during my "time away" as well as a few FO's -- looking forward to casting on some new projects soon! xo Lisa

  6. I need to prune my roses and while it's been warm enough, I'm afraid of that one last cold snap that will hurt newly pruned roses. I really like that sweater...shall I enable you and say, cast on now!

  7. Hey I recognize that colorful sock yarn.... What beautiful roses. April Showers bring May flowers. My story is that we had a crap ton of snow so we took care of all that water stuff over the winter. We are supposed to have some nice sunny days ahead - finally!!

  8. Oh those roses!! Breathtaking!
    Your socks are beautiful as well.

  9. Those roses are unbelievable! Such lovely photography again. :) Makes me wish we had some more green growing outside, but soon.. soon.

  10. love the roses <3
    great sock yarns. and thanks for the book idea. :)

  11. I love story twists :) Sorry you have rain but you captured the drops on the petal beautifully, Like you I'm trying to get all comfortable with my crafty pursuits! Have fun with your sock knitting :)

  12. i bet your new dawn is fragrant!!! - i can almost smell them through your camera lens...such beautiful pictures.

  13. We got rain yesterday too! We needed some - but it sure made for a messy day!
    I start so many knitting projects and then knit until I'm tired - and then I might have twisted the stitches in my cowl (I'm not tellin')....

    Linda in VA

  14. I love that pullover Tracey, added it to my list of things to knit...thanks! Beautiful photos.

  15. The roses are gorgeous, as are the socks! I do like Isabell Kraemer patterns, you go for it!

  16. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of roses in the rain!
    Your knitting looks wonderful, too :-)

  17. oh those roses!!!!
    you nailed those shots!

  18. Beautiful photography, Tracey! The rose is so delicate and to think it grows on your pump house!

  19. Yay for quiet, lazy, rainy reading mornings : ) Those skies are so dramatic and moody, you capture them well, Tracey. Your socks are coming along too, it's fun to see your progress and I hope it's been just as much knitting them. xo

  20. Oh how I love a rainy day! Rainy old Seattle where I live has been rather short on rain this winter and I miss it so. Your socks look fun and oh my how lovely are your roses. Have a happy week~~

  21. I can't wait for the roses to start blooming and the spring rains to begin.

  22. Ooh it sounds like you had a lovely morning. Nothing better than a rainy day read.

    I've just found the recipe I was talking about for your hay fever. You've probably already tried it but if not it's called fire cider. There's a link here with an article and a video
    I hadn't tried it yet but bought some horseradish root specially to make it.

    Take care,

  23. The sound of the rain is just perfect in the Spring :0) your socks are looking very nice... and that basket - just darling! :0) mari

  24. Wow 20year old roses!???? I can hope ! I am sock knitting also. Love to knit socks.