Sunday, June 5, 2016


It is up to you to see the 
beauty of everyday things.

Well, once again I seem to have
left this space to gather dust, but
today I made a promise to myself
to come here more often and not
let the cobwebs gather.
I have been spending my early
hours of the day in the garden,
pulling weeds before the heat
and humidity keep me indoors.
 With the downpours of
rain we had last weekend
from Tropical Depression
Bonnie my garden hasn't
fared too well and I have
been harvesting what I
The blueberries are just
beginning to ripen,
and I think this will be the
best fig season I have ever

We have been getting the
usual summer thunderstorms
which I find quite beautiful,

A lot of my time is take up
with critter care and making
sure they are well fed and comfortable
in this hot weather.
And there is always the never
ending task of laundry.
My last baby [yes he is
MY baby so I can call
him that] graduated
from high school,
 and we have been out
of town to doctor's appointments,
[Things are looking fantastic!]
There is always knitting
in my day,
 and I seem to be on a bit
of a sock kick.
 I have been playing around
in my studio having fun
with paints,
and working on projects that have
been hanging around unfinished
for far too long.
It's hard for me to believe, but
this is my 1000 blog post! The
above photo is from my very
first post...

Life has changed in so many ways
since I opened this little space and
one of the most special changes
is the friendships I have developed
with you!  You all mean the
world to me and I thank God
for you each day.

Much love,


  1. Happy 1000th post, Tracey! That's really exciting. Congrats to your son! You absolutely can call him your baby. I plan to call my daughter that forever, since she is my baby. :)

  2. happy anniversary baby!!! may you have 1000 more posts to create, I love that you are busy doing creative endeavors and my is your baby getting to be a man through and through :)

  3. Do come back often, Tracey. I know how easy it is to ignore the blog and just use the easiness of IG. I actually debate sometimes on whether or not to continue my blog next year and just podcast. Your garden rocks! It will be some time before we get our backyard landscaped. I told the husband recently maybe we should just start growing things in pots for now. LOVE you.

  4. 1000 posts! WOW!!! That is quite an achievement. I love the photos in this post (and the socks you are knitting). And I am so glad that the news from the doctors was good.♥ God bless you and your family.

  5. Hi Tracey! I had my 1000th post a while back so we must have started blogging around the same time. I love that clothes pin photo!
    Also, you are a talented artist! And of course you are an awesome knitter. Last birdie to fly the nest? Aw!

  6. How awesome 1000 posts. You have such a pleasant space to visit. It was nice to see your first post. Laundry is a always on my To Do list. Thanks for making it look so artistic.

  7. Oh, congratulations on 1000th post, what an anniversary!!! I am always curious to see how everything started, so I am off to read your first post! Just want to let you know for the 100th time - I love your cozy, kind and beautiful space!!!

  8. Tracey, the drawing of your granddaughter is absolutely stunning. There is no mistaking who it is! I hope that she and her family are enjoying their time in Germany...and I hope that you are planning a visit soon to see them! :) Hugs

  9. Tracey, the drawing of your granddaughter is absolutely stunning. There is no mistaking who it is! I hope that she and her family are enjoying their time in Germany...and I hope that you are planning a visit soon to see them! :) Hugs

  10. Congratulations on your 1000th post! That's great! I like so much your garden photos, always fresh and full of light and life.

  11. Happy 1000th post Tracey!!!! This blog world is pretty darn amazing, and I am happy it brought us together.

    Your art work is amazing my friend, and the drawing, wow!!!! I had no idea Tracey, no idea, your talents extended that far.

    Congratulations to your baby, and to you. An amazing journey the two of you have been on.

    Have the most wonderful start to your week.

  12. My goodness 1000th post. Well done. And your blog is as good as ever, projects, crafts, landscapes, food and people, all the things that makes our life good.

  13. Yay for 1000 posts. 1000 beautiful and inspiring posts that make my day.
    What a wonderful post- chalked full of all the brilliant things. Especially the sock knitting. ;)
    Congratulations to your baby!

  14. Wow Tracey, that is quite the mile stone! It looks like you have so much wonderful produce. Is that an angora rabbit? Would you share what type it is and how much wool you get from it? (I've been considering...)

    1. Katie, yes, Tallulah is an angora rabbit. When I first got her I tried using a drop spindle and spinning some of her hair mixed with a bit of wool roving, but my attempts were not successful and I've not attempted it again although it's on my to do list. :)

  15. Congratulations to Alex on graduating.