Sunday, May 22, 2016


It's up to you to see the
beauty of everyday things

 After three days of clouds and
rain I think we are all happy to
see the sun! I don't mind a
day of rain, it makes for a
great reading day, but after
that I become depressed and
find it hard to accomplish

On Friday I cleared out two
of my book cases and boxed
up 6 boxes of books make way
for empty and open shelves.

I have been working on using
the Konmari method to declutter
my home and am finding joy
in the process. I feel lighter
with each box and bag that
goes out the door.

The garden is coming along quite
nicely and I am spending time each
day weeding so it doesn't become
over bearing. It won't be long and
there will be vine ripe tomatoes!

I started a new pair of socks, this
pair with a chevron pattern that
is fun to knit. Christmas socks
for all on my list is keeping me

My guy's have been gone all day,
off to chop fire wood and fish a little
so I've spent the day watching a
moviereading and even taking
a two hour nap! Now I'm off to
prepare dinner and wait for my
family to return.

Have a great week.

Joining Karen


  1. It does feel good to remove the no longer needed items from our lives. I find I appreciate the things that stay so much more. There is an ease to less. It has been a very rainy May in northern VA. The sun and summertime weather should make an appearance this week. I'm behind on my weeding. I fear I shall fall further behind, oh well. It will all get done in due time. I hope.

  2. I love how freeing cleaning out my home is, I always feel so much lighter when I am finished :) Sorry about the rain, we have been enjoying sunshine and beautiful summer like temperatures this has been wonderful, especially after the long cold spring. You will be eating tomatoes soon, and I just planted mine on Saturday :)

    Have a beautiful start to your week my dear friend.

  3. You've done a very nice job of finding beauty in the everyday things. I feel the same way about rainy days.
    Our sunshine returned yesterday after a week of rain. A true sight to behold. Your garden is looking so pretty and healthy. How delicious that first tomato is going to be.

  4. Oh, I also bought a book by Kondo and I am trying to imply it as well. I started with my yarn stash and clothes. You are right - you feel much lighter when you let the old stuff go!

  5. We've had 21 days of rain - with just a smattering of the sun here and there! I like rainy days - but this has been too much and my mood has really sunk!! Arghhh!!...LOL!

    Linda in VA

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  7. your photography is beautiful Tracey, I love the cat photo!! I am admiring your book cleansing and it makes me ponder my book collection. But I'm still at the pondering stage for now.

  8. The chevron pattern is fun and yay! You're knitting Christmas socks like me. I need to get this Abril one finished.

  9. I have a huge pile of books that I need to go thru. I know I need to donate them but I honestly find it difficult to get rid of books. Not sure why. I will though. There is a table in our little town library where you can leave a book or take a book. I think that's a wonderful idea. Have a beautiful weekend. xx

    ~ Wendy

  10. I really should have purged instead of alphabetizing all my books!!!!! Open shelves! WHat a dream!!! Good for you!