Sunday, April 3, 2016


The real luxury it time.
You can't get time back.

The week has been filled with
getting my hands in the dirt,
pulling weeds and planting

Sea breezes and sand under
my feet.

Celebrating with dear friends
at a restaurant that has chickens
running free.

Lots of time to drink tea and
knit [I'm knitting this]

Long walks and enjoying
all the beautiful sights.

Fresh strawberries.[ I made a pie,
Strawberry Chia Jam and just
plain strawberry jam].

I watched the clouds and a lot of
The Sopranos.

And now I'm ready for Monday.

Joining Karen


  1. How wonderful to see your face. You look lovely.

    Oh, that beach... We are making it a point to find a salt water beach this year. I need it...

    I don't know if you had shared your strawberry-chia jam at some point, but would you share it again? I would love to try it, it looks amazing.

  2. Oh, that sounds lovely! I am glad you had such lovely days!

  3. Happy April to you Tracey !!! You and your part of the world are looking so lovely...xoxo

  4. your photos are wonderful - enjoy this beautiful season, I cannot wait to start digging in my garden

  5. What a pretty shawl that is going to be. I love that the chickens had the run of the place. Your strawberries look delicious. You are watching my favorite tv show of ALL time. I just love James Gandolfini. I was so sad when he passed a couple of years ago.

  6. You look terrific. I love how you've been canning and making jam! Yummy. I plan to look for organic strawberries during today's Costco trip.

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely...all of it and all of you! Looking forward to beach strolling this summer!

  8. I liked these photos! I can't wait for fresh strawberries from my garden, but it's been snowing all day, and it seems like such a long time until June--that's when they will be ripe! I really love the color you chose for the shawl you're knitting--it reminds me of the sea. You, lady, are beautiful--I love that you've been including a photo of yourself at the end of your posts. It's so nice to *see* people. I wish more bloggers would post selfies (although I hate what I look like: I'm plain, plump, and dumpy looking). But, to be fair, I suppose I ought to share more photos of myself, too.

  9. Hello beautiful Tracey :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I can't wait for fresh local strawberries...still a few months to go.

    Enjoy your week.

  10. Sounds lovely Tracey and you my dear are beautiful! xo

  11. You look beautiful Tracey and it sounds like you had a beautiful week, too.

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  13. Every time I see your lovely face, I smile and smile 😊 What a terrific week you just experienced 😀

  14. You were busy! Those strawberries look delicious!

  15. I love that shawl!!! I might need to make one...Gorgeous! I love your hair and your lovely warm smile too. I'm glad you had a good spring break, but I missed you!

  16. chickens at the restaurant!!! how fun is that??!

  17. A restaurant with it's own free range chickens! How fun! I love the idea of adding chia seeds to strawberry jam. They have such a great texture.