Wednesday, April 6, 2016


My soul needs to connect with those
who are also awake. I do not understand
how people can exist each day without
true connection. No, I don't want to
talk about illness, or money. I want to
talk about love, passion, and spiritual
things..{.and knitting too.}

I have three projects on
needles, one pair of socks,
a single sock and a shawl.

I have knit the heel flap of
one sock and am beginning
the gusset and as this is the
second sock of this pair
it is going to see most of
my attention this week before
I begin the heel flaps on
the others.I have been feeling
a bit scattered with my knitting
which is not like me so I am
determined to get back on

My Yoga Shawl is slowly making
progress, I am on the third Chevron
repeat, using lots of stitch markers
and life lines so I stay on track. It's
a great pattern, but one I must pay
close attention to or I have to rip
back, ahem.

My reading has consisted of numerous
samples of Amazon, but I haven't found
a book yet that really grabs my attention.
I am hoping after today's Yarn Along to
find something wonderful to read.

I wanted to remind you that the baby 
shower for Ginny is fast approaching,
it's the 20th, and I do hope you can

Joining Ginny


  1. Your photos have me longing for spring Tracey. I can't wait til she finally arrives. Such lovely knits. Your shawl is going to be so pretty. Enjoy your day.

  2. Such a pretty photo of you, Tracey❤️
    Have you read Island of the World?

  3. Oh that sunshine is just glorious. Spring is coming I just know it ✨✨

  4. Thanks for the reminder and for the peek into your knitting world! I am loving sock knitting and think my favorite part in the kitchener that says finis! :)

  5. I am awake! Pick me, pick me!

  6. So many pretty projects you have on your needles. I'm hoping to take pictures outside with my knitting baskets next week. Perhaps all this darn snow will be gone by then!!! I'm sure you will get some good book suggestions today.

  7. I love your sunlit photos so much! I can almost feel the sunshine on my face through them!

  8. Thanks for the baby showe reminder! Anything to be done to prepare/participate? Happy knitting to you this week and always!

  9. Yes can you tell us more or link to info about the baby shower (e.g., sending a wee gift) and how to participate? I imagine you have written more somewhere!

  10. I am ready for the baby shower :) lovely projects on the needles and a most lovely you!

  11. You got lots of fiber smooshiness in this post.

  12. Gorgeous pictures and knitting!

  13. Such lovely pictures. The sun really makes the yarns shine. It is cold and gray here!

  14. Lovely pictures! I love your baskets, they capture the eye with your knitting being visible! Happy Knitting!

  15. You look beautiful Tracey and the knitting projects you have on your needles are just lovely. I've been sick since Saturday after the race. No energy to knit or even read...

  16. Some great close-ups Tracey. Looks like happy feathered fowl!

  17. Hello beautiful Tracey!
    Lovely projects on your needles. It is always a pleasure to see your surroundings. :)

  18. I did some super fast baby knitting already! I wanted to be finished in time.

  19. what beautiful pictures you take!!! I especially love the last one.

  20. This post and your photos made me smile because:
    1) It looks like you have baskets of knitting growing from trees!
    2) I love your turkeys and chickens (we lost a hen this week--my overly exuberant, young dog Presley got her)
    3) Your place in the world is green and bright.
    4) I like this thought: "No, don't want to
    talk about illness, or money. I want to
    talk about love, passion, and spiritual
    things..{.and knitting too.}"
    5) I LOVE your earrings :)