Friday, March 25, 2016


“It was one of those March days when the sun shines
 hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the 
light, and winter in the shade.” 

~ Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Today begins spring break in my home
and I am thrilled. I know I am home
most days, but there is something about
knowing we are on spring break that is

I have been taking a little bit of time each
day to play with my 'big' camera, shooting
photos in manual mode and just enjoying
the fresh air and all the flowers that are
blooming around my yard. 

I hand sewed a little felt case for my 
crane scissors and found if I put two
wee marks on my thumb nail my stitches
were a lot more consistent. 

I cast on another knitting project, a secret
one that shouldn't take too long to complete.

There was a little playing in the kitchen trying
out a simple roll recipe [ link here ] and the
vote in my home positive! I like that the recipe
only made 12 so I didn't have a huge pan of
rolls sitting around for days. 

I have been making sure to check in each
day to see the babies on the  DC Eagle Cam
that Donna shared, they are quite addicting
and so cute!

May your Easter is filled with peace and

Much love,


  1. I love that quote! Those days are my favourite.

  2. A turtle? How cool! I love that CD quote, Tracey!
    YOU are beeeeyoooootiful! Happy Easter to you!

  3. You look beautiful Tracey!! Love the picture of you! Enjoy your spring break!

  4. And yours sweet friend ... May you enjoy the peace that comes from been still :-)

  5. I totally thought you sewed through your fingernail and couldn't figure out how you did that! The marks make a great idea. Is that turtle a pet or one just hanging out in your yard?

  6. Just popped over from Pom Poms. Your photos are stunning! Happy Spring Break!

  7. Your photographs are all so lovely. Have a wonderful spring and a Happy Easter!

  8. Is that a wild turtle in your backyard? How cool! You said it about spring break. We started today and it is grand. You have lovely, neat stitches. I love the blanket stitch and most ppl don't know how long that takes to sew up when it looks so easy. Have fun with your camera. I'm still on auto-training wheels.

  9. Thank you, Tracey, for all your good wishes and for wonderful photos! Have a great weekend!

  10. Awesome close-ups Tracey! Wouldn't want to run into that snapper in my bare feet or with my dogs.

  11. I LOVE the thumb-mark idea...genius!...I'm definitely doing that!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful Easter! xo

  13. Happy Easter gorgeous girl!
    Yay for Spring break. Sounds like some much deserved "me time".
    The mark on the thumb is brilliant!

  14. I'm so happy you posted a link to the yeast rolls. I've been looking for one, can't wait to try it. You look beautiful! I love the nature picture but it so nice to see you. Have a lovely spring break.

  15. What beautiful Spring pictures! I love the way you measure your blanket stitches. I will try that :) Hope you have a wonderful Spring break :)

  16. Now that the weather is getting warmer I will go outside with the camera more often. Your photos look great - especially the one of your lovely face!

  17. aren't you pretty!! love how spring is springing up in your area, have fun on spring break and enjoy your son! I had my camera out too and it was nice to be together :)

  18. Hi Tracey, what a beautiful photo of you. I hope you had a good Easter with your family. I've been watching the DC eagle cam myself, what a great way to observe animals. My kids love it too. I hope you have a good week ahead.

  19. any beach plans for the week??? I'm jealous!!! :)

  20. You are beautiful, Tracey. I loved all of these photos of blossoms and turtles and red shoes and the holy Mother, but especially the one of you. Wonderful post. ♥

  21. Lovely photos, my friend, and lovely you!