Wednesday, March 23, 2016


"There is something infinitely healing in the
 repeated refrains of nature — the assurance 
that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter." 

~Rachel Carson

I'm enjoying bright blue skies,
warm temperatures, the sound
of bees buzzing all around and
each and ever stitch of my 
yoga shawl. 

I am working on the chevron 
part of the pattern which is
charted on each line so I am
paying close attention and using
lots and lots of stitch markers
and will be using life lines between
each pattern repeat. 

The Berroco Folio I am using
is so soft and while I was a little
worried it wouldn't show the stitch
definition I think it is going to work
out just fine.

There are two books on my nightstand
that I am taking notes from, The life-changing
magic of tidying up and Spark Joy.
The old I become, the less I want 
'stuff' I need to take care of or stuff
my children will one day have to deal
with so I am clearing out even more
than I have in the past. I recommend
both books very highly!

Joining Ginny


  1. I have difficulty cleaning out stuff, however it's quite tidy in its special places. Love the blue yarn and I love how you are making sure you do NOT make a mistake, where is your sense of adventure ;)

  2. I'm in the same path as you my dear friend. As both sons are leaving to go to universities, I'm now looking at what is important in our lives and letting go of everything that has served its purpose :) Beautiful shawl ....

  3. Your pictures are beautiful and so full of light. I am craving light and blue skies these days. That shawl will be lovely in blue.

  4. did you find spark joy just a different take on the first book? I was sort of disappointed with it....although to be fair, i rejected it after a rather cursory review. i think you might really like simply matters....this one spoke to my heart the whole way through. your yoga shawl is beautiful.....and those bees!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW~!!! (what lens did you use?)

  5. So pretty all around. Happy spring, happy knitting, and happy reading to you!

  6. Lovely!! I can't believe how fast you knit! I was wondering about Spark Joy too, I had a love-hate relationship with the first book but it did ultimately change me but a lot of her philosophies drive me nuts as I went so I didn't feel immediately compelled to read more by here... Looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

  7. Lovely photos. I do not yet have Marie Kondo's second book, but I loved the first!

  8. Life-Changing Magic is on my bedside table, too. Too many books! But spring does seem like the right time to pick up this particular book.
    The Yoga Shawl looks like a fun knit -- and very wearable when it is done!

  9. Beautiful photos - and the blue of the yarn is lovely. I'll have to look up the Yoga Shawl... :)

  10. Loving that yarn Tracey, so beautiful. I haven't read either book, but have heard good things about them. My parents have done the old clean out already, clearing away the past and all the things they kept, it was a very freeing experience for them, and will allow them to downsize, when they are ready, with ease.

    Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day my friend.

  11. Thank you for sharing the books! I was looking for something like this and read some good reviews about them. Now I will definitely buy at least one of them! I am a hopeless housekeeper :) I am a workaholic, but when it comes to cleaning, I just want to lay down and take a big nap :) Haha :) I need some inspiration! Which one would you recommend to start with?

  12. Tidying Up is on my mental list. I should just put it on my goodreads queue.

  13. So glad your blueberries were not too confused by the winter weather and you WILL have berries this summer!

  14. Gorgeous photos!! And the color of your shawl reminds me of the spring sky....lovely!!

  15. Hi Tracey! I love the color of your yarn.

  16. Your photos are so cheerful and pretty! The book sounds very interesting. I saw it at the store the other day and considered picking it up...

  17. Wow Tracey - blueberries already forming?! All that the bees have around here are crocus flowers. That yarn looks super soft - enjoy!

  18. Oh, I love those books! They were very helpful in our approach to tiny house living.

  19. Lovely yarn colour. I'm kind of frightened to read those books, because my life and home are chaotic and we have too much stuff. I'll get there, I hope!

  20. Read the first book. bought the second and it's on the April list. I found some of the reading a little painful, but it made sense. I'm emotionally attached to too much 'stuff'. I found when my last kid was growing out of clothes and things, it was quite freeing to go to the salvie with my suburban loaded with things to bless other people. It was difficult to start, but once you get going, its just good to keep going. Lovely yarn and knitting. Thinking I need to start over with blueberries. Mine are pretty sad looking after several years. Still not really taking off. Yours are inspiring me to do something...

  21. So many lovely shades of blue in your photos...looks like blueberries!