Friday, March 18, 2016


We all come from the sea,
but we are all not of the
sea. Those of us who are,
we children of the tides, must
return to it again and again.
Until the day we don't come
back leaving only that which
was touched along the way.

My week seems to have had
wings and flew by quicker than
I was prepared for.

It's been very warm here in the
deep south, in fact, it has been
down right hot! I am not ready
for summer! My Alex cut grass
for the first of many times this
season and I have given up
my snow wish until winter.
The pollen has covered every
surface a pale  yellow and it
is an amazing sight to see a
cloud of yellow blowing across
the fields.

My Mike and I slipped away for
a day and spent some time at the
shore [my most favorite happy place,
but I guess you knew that, right ?]
It was a perfect beach day and I can't
wait to do it again and again.  With
all that life has thrown at us over the
past month it was nice to escape for
the day and just reconnect.

This week there was a trip to the yarn
store to breathe in some yarn fumes
and while I didn't more yarn [is there
really such a thing? ahem}  I did bring
home a few skeins and have already
cast on  this shawl . I have loved this
pattern since it was first released and
really Needed a project that is a little
more long term than socks or dishcloths.
The Folio yarn is a dk weight, not fingering
as the pattern calls fo,r so I am knitting on
size 7 needles to get a better drape. There
is no rush as I won't have any need for
a shawl until late October so I am just
going to enjoy the whole knit process.

So, how was your week?
I hope you enjoy your weekend and it
is all you need it to be.

Much love,


  1. I have never seen this Folio yarn around before. It is lovely. That yoga shawl project is totally your style and kind of project. It will be fun watching it grow through your posts.

  2. You know I live vicariously through you every time I look at your beautiful beach/shore pictures, right? You really capture it perfectly and I'm always glad to see it.

  3. Oh my sweet friend ... The ocean offers so much comfort with its symphonic beauty :-) what a beautiful shawl ... Enjoy the process of making it :)

  4. Ah, the beach, I miss it so much. Beautiful photos Tracey. And the Yoga Shawl, wow, stunning. I added it to my favourites, I have to knit it :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. yay for yarn shopping and fume breathing in! You sound like you once again, and that makes me happy. Loved the beach photos :)

  6. oh, to be that close to the beach.....sigh. Love that yoga shawl.....what a hug you are knitting for yourself!!! and in a great colour!

  7. Oh yes I know that balmy hot deep south spring. Those days that make you wonder what summer will hold and you think isn't it too early to be this warm. But then a cloudy cooler day returns and you breath a little sigh of relief. It's not July just yet. Enjoy the warm and the comforting ocean. We are suppose to have snow today, Yikes! Love the yarn too.

  8. Oh Tracey! You can't believe how much I enjoyed this post. I can almost smell the beach from your photos.. And this video... The sound of waves crushing is my best remedy. I miss my coast so so much and can't wait to walk there again. Yarn store looks like a paradise!

  9. The photos in this post are so beautiful. I love the sea, too, and am so grateful that I live close to it. We went up to Gloucester on Saturday and watched the waves (it's about a 40 minute drive up the coast). My son visited the record store and I went to the yarn shop!
    I had almost given up on snow, but when I woke up this morning it was falling steadily. Still is.

    I love your new banner image.

  10. Thank you so much for posting your beach photos. It seems like months until we can do that up here. More snow fell today! I have a couple of skeins of Folio - it's so soft! I think it will make a beautiful shawl for sure.

  11. I love the beach and so happy that you got to go and take it all in with your love. It's always important to reconnect, but especially when life gets to be too much. Beautiful images!

  12. Sighhh... I am a total ocean girl although my variety is the rocky craggy PNW kind but I would be happy anywhere I could hear the waves washing up the shore. It is quite a drive for us where we live so at best we go once a year but the years we miss it I miss it terribly. I love your photos.

  13. Soaking in the sound of your shore and longing for a beach trip sometime soon. :)