Sunday, January 24, 2016



 The weekend started early
Friday morning with a drive
to Charleston,
 in the pouring rain and
dropping temperatures,

 for a doctor's appointment at
MUSC [Medical University
of South Carolina] and it was
a very good appointment indeed,
and we won't be back until the
end of May!
Afterwards we visited
Earth Fare, and while
it's not as big as Whole
Foods, it was really nice
and a bit closer.
 and had yummy springrolls
for dinner.
Saturday brought snow flurries!!!
to the LowCountry, but they
melted as soon as they hit the
ground; next time my snow vibes
with include accumulation'!
 I spent the morning working
on a new recipe, it still needs
a little tinkering,
 but between Alex and My Mike
these cupcakes aren't going to
waste. I am on a cleanse so I
haven't even had a bite.
 Sunday I spent putting
together a jar of Fire Cider
 that promises to live up to it's name,
I added lots of jalapenos and cayenne's .
This afternoon has been
devoted to knitting and
watching old movies.
I am in desperate need
of dishcloths.

How was your weekend?

Joining Karen


  1. We had snow, but along with it very icy roads. Good thing we were all home before it got bad. We have an Earth Fare store here and as much as I like their selections, they are quite pricey. The cupcake looks delicious!

  2. I had a very quiet weekend, cleaning, walking, knitting. Sunday started with the late breakfast at the local cafe, which is always a great start for a day! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!

  3. I had a quiet weekend with snow, knitting, crossword puzzles, and books. I'm glad that the doctor's appointment went well, and that a little snow came your way, too. ♥ Alex is a cutie--my Zach used to have long hair and I loved it.

  4. I guess snow flurries is better than nothing, right? It sounds like you had a good weekend Tracey. It was a full one here, celebrating with girlfriends, time in nature with my little man, and time just hanging out at home. All good.

    Have a lovely start to your week.

  5. Sounds like such great and eventful week. Love the spring rolls. I really admire your commitment to being healthy- you are so strong... I would have devoured the cupcakes sight on scene! I remember you were deligent about juicing too. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead- and many snowflakes xo

  6. So glad to hear the doctor appt went well. Your cleanse is inspiring me...and you'll have to tell us more about that fire cider after testing it. Have a great week

  7. I don't know how you make those yummy cupcakes and don't have even a bite! I'm so sorry your snow didn't stick around. We only got 6 inches which was nothing compared to those just south of us who got over 2 feet! Have a wonderful week Tracey.

  8. Well you got more than we did! nothing here :0( but it is still early :0) Alex has grown so much...what a delight that you enjoyed those yummy rolls :D blessings to you and Mike and Alex ... lots of love, mari

  9. Great weekend you had Tracey. I want to try a short cleanse. I need to look at my pins. Hope it was a standard doc appt for your son and that he's okay. I like how the family will not waste food when you don't want or can't have it.

  10. It looks like a good weekend, Tracey. That's such good news about not needing to visit the hospital until May. We're in the same exact situation at the moment, my son had a bunch of tests and appointments in January and now we don't need to do any more until May. Hurrah!

  11. So glad your trip went well...we've had a little bit of snow looks like snow...but it was really mostly an accumulation of sleet...I need to do some cooking with cherries...and your dishcloths look very cheery...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  12. I guess my snow vibe was very heavy in the accumulation area. We had 32ish inches. Still shoveling but that's ok. Hope you have a pleasant week

  13. I wish I had a store like that near me. I have to drive about 40 minutes to Wegmans organic section. That is the closest thing. yay for good doctor appointments and that fire cider sounds HOT!!

  14. Hi Tracey,
    Those spring rolls and cupcakes look delicious!
    Have a lovely week!

  15. I've been restocking my washcloths, too. Glad the dr. appt. went well, my friend!