Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I think
I question
I design
I create
I struggle
I collaborate
I try
I solve
I invent
I reflect

I learn!

From the first moment I
saw Ewden hanging as
a sample in my LYS
I was smitten and now
that I have all of my
knitting obligations
met I decided it was
time to knit something
just for me.

I have the pattern, the
needles and the yarn,
but am a little unsure
of myself. I've mentioned
before that I am a lefty
and knit patterns from
left to right [you can see
how I knit hereand while
I can usually just move
right along, this pattern
has me a little stumped.
It is a pattern that is knit
in pieces and has cables
on both sides, and along
the top, so I have decided
to knit a sample piece using
scrap yarn just to see how it
all works, then I will use my
pretty yarn. At the rate I
am going I won't be wearing
my Ewden this season, but
that's okay, I want to do
it right, and sometimes that
means taking it very slow!

On my nightstand is a book
I am just getting ready to
begin, The Poisonwood Bible.
Amanda, The Life and Times of
Julian and Amanda ,suggested
a Read Along and since I adore
her and have had this book on
my shelf for far too long waiting
to be read I am thrilled she
suggested it.

Joining Ginny


  1. I've never read the Poisonwood Bible, but I do love Barbara Kingsolver, and I have heard great things about this book. That yarn is gorgeous!

    1. You should join us in the read-along! Details are on my Yarn-Along link up today. :)

  2. I have all the confidence in the world that you will be fine with your new knit!! I read that book and it is very very GOOD :)

  3. I loved that book when I read it years ago....couldn't now tell you much about it, other than it was wonderful!!! Like Karen, I'm totally confident that you will be just fine with this sweater; I love the pattern and that yarn!!!! yum. Next fall will be a totally realistic goal....especially since you have BLACKBERRIES IN BLOOM???? (that's crazy....don't they know it's still winter?)

  4. What a yarn! Must be a heaven to knit with! My advice just take your time, don't rush yourself and enjoy the process!

  5. I LOVE chainette yarn. It is so luxurious. Can't wait to see the end results! Thanks for the shout out! Looking forward to getting stuck in on the book!

  6. Pretty yarn!!! I LOVE the color!! The author keeps coming up in my feed as one I may like since I enjoy Sharyn McCrumb so much. There are now 2 or 3 books I haven't had a chance to read in the Ballad series that she writes. I wish I were an avid reader, I'm just not :/

  7. I forgot to talk about the read along on my blog today but I will next week! I am excited and a little nervous to read it since it may hit a little close to home.
    I love your yarn- ohh! It's going to be so pretty! Can't wait to see it unfold!

  8. Love Rowan patterns - this one looks lovely. And that gorgeous coloured yarn.

  9. You have the right idea - do a small piece with scrap yarn and see how you can modify it. I think once you get it going it will go faster than you think. What a great color too. You know how purple makes my heart sing :-)

  10. The Poisonwood Bible is one of my top three reads ever. So good. I have read it several times! So glad you are knitting something for YOU!!

  11. I think you will do just fine with your knitting project. Take your time and enjoy the process :0) it is going to be beautiful - just like everything else you have done. Don't doubt - just take one stitch at a time. mari

  12. The construction of this yarn is interesting. It's like a chain of alpaca and merino. You are brave to try such a pattern. Seamed garments are ones I avoid. I say, if you ever run into trouble, get help. It doesn't hurt to ask.

  13. I loved the Poisonwood Bible...all things Kingslover!

    Beautiful yarn, as always.

  14. I am drawn to the scarf on the cover! Wish I could just get that pattern by itself!! I tried reading Poisonwood Bible 3 times - and finally said it wasn't for me - LOL! However, I've read The Bean Trees and the sequel "Pigs in Heaven" - more times than I can count!

    Linda in VA

  15. Enjoy your knitting, I like the look of that yarn. Gorgeous colour and the texture looks interesting too

  16. Gorgeous sweater!! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  17. Wow that is a beautiful sweater, and that yarn is lovely. I am sure it will all come together just fine. Can't wait to see it :)

  18. I like your approach to your new knitting pattern. I am sure your patience will reward you with a lovely finished sweater. The Poison Wood Bible is one of my favorite books. I've read it twice. I'll be interested to see what you think of it.

  19. Such a pretty looks like a thin I-cord...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  20. Beautiful yarn and a pattern that will grow your skills...sounds like a perfect combination! :)

  21. WOW- how I love that yarn, so many beautiful tones- jewel like, I know what ever you knit that color will look gorgeous on you. Can't wait to see your progress.

  22. That is a fantastic book Tracey. I have read it at least two times - it provides so much to think about! Interesting sweater pattern - I'm sure you'll do just fine.

  23. Lovely pattern. I too am a left handed knitter who knits in the same direction as you. It will be helpful following along to see how you overcome the challenges. You are so resourceful. It will a pleasure to see your sweater grow.

  24. Seems everyone is knitting with purple and I want to too!