Wednesday, December 2, 2015


" I wished the thrilling words to myself,
then lifted the book to my nose and breathed
the scent of possibilities"

~ Kate Morton

It's December and like so many
of you that means Christmas
knitting. It doesn't matter that
I start my gift giving knitting
in January I inevitable add to
my list and find myself up way
past my bed time trying to finish
my list.

My needles are busy knitting
up reflective hats which I think
are pretty cool. I don't have
to worry about traffic where
I walk or ride my bike, but
so many others do and I have
had several request for these
hats to be under the tree.

I am using the Man Hat
pattern and yarn is made
by Red Heart which can
be purchased at your local
craft store.

I had been waiting for
months for the release
of Kate Morton's newest
book The Lake House and
now that all of my 'must
reads' are complete I am
enjoying every word from
one of my favorite authors.

Joining Ginny



  1. Oh Tracey...the photos alone are just so beautiful! I can feel as if I could smell the scents from your land.... I have never knitted for Christmas. I tend to make things at last minute and of course this adds quite a bit of stress to my life ...sigh :0( but next year, I am feeling led to do so and January is a perfect time to begin. Blessings to you sweet lady... mari

  2. love those hats, what a great idea. and that path, how i wish my walk included such a lovely place. <3

  3. What a good idea - the reflector hats! I will read that book one of these days, too! Happy day to you!

  4. I've not read anything by Morton, and she's been on my list forever. I love the road picture with the canopy of trees! Gorgeous.

  5. reflective yarn??? really? genius! I'm listening to the Lake House!!!

  6. Beautiful pictures and knitting, as always.

  7. I adore her writing and I hope to read it soon. Love the idea of hats for gifts, I'm busy knitting my secret gifts while pining away on knitting something for ME.

  8. Those colors are great - they will definitely stand out. I made dog collars for my aunt's dogs so they could find them in the woods with colors like that. Your days look as wet and rainy as ours have been.

  9. I love how bright the color of the hats are against the landscape - what an advertisement for the yarn itself! We have snow again this morning so I'm forgetting what the browns usually look like out my window through winter right now...

  10. Such beautiful hats and amazing photos. Love the idea of reflective yarn.

  11. I love your brightly colored versions Tracey. I wish I could come hang out with you.

  12. I love that reflective yarn, so cool. Kate Morton, love her books, can't wait to read this one and to hear what you think of it.

  13. Your fall shots are so inspiring! Makes me want to cuddle under a warm blanket with my knitting! I am glad you are enjoying your book!

  14. Oh the colour of the wool is delicious, and what an ingenious idea for reflective wool!
    I simply can't add anything else to my to-read list but the sentence in your photo was enough to leave me wanting more!

  15. Loving the vivid yarn in the bowl in the forest floor. Such delightful contrast. Knit on!

  16. Love that beautiful moody second photo Tracey. Glad you're keeping dry and busy.

  17. I love the idea of reflective knitted hats. Warm and safe too! The colors are really pretty.

  18. Oh! I just knit up a some reflector hats too – they're fun, aren't they!

  19. Here it is Saturday morning and I've finally found time to catch up with Yarn Along posts... Where does the week go? Sigh. Glad your Christmas knitting is coming along. I've had to arrange my projects and prioritize them, but now that we're on our Christmas break from lessons, I think I'll be able to finish all my gift knits. Fingers crossed! Enjoy your new read!

  20. I love the colours of nature but those vibrant rich colours are awesome too and so practical for this time of year. What a great idea. It's amazing how even when starting your holiday knitting so early there are always a few final requests.
    Enjoy your new novel...sounds good.

  21. I love your photos! I hike with my dogs a lot and I keep thinking I should stop and take more photos.
    I can so relate to being up too late trying to get Christmas knitting done. You could pack for vacation in the bags under my eyes right now. It's so exciting, though, to have something personal and handmade for someone at Christmas.

  22. Those hats are wonderful, no wonder they are high in demand. Seeing that basket of happy among the leaves makes my heart soar.
    Your photos are always so beautiful!