Sunday, December 6, 2015



~ Mrs.Darcy
 The skies have been so
pretty these last few days
and I have found myself
outside more than in.
 Long walks and sitting
in the sunshine to knit.
 A trip to the Post Office gave me
a chance to admire the old buildings
across the street and daydream of
days long ago. I love old buildings,
 I pulled a favorite book from the shelf
and made a five quart crock full of lacto-
fermented kimchi. Now the hard part
is waiting for it to be ready.
 My St.Anne rose is still December!
 I signed up for a swap dear Donna
was hosting and my gifts arrived
yesterday from the sweet Carole,
and the best part is I made a new
My Taproot magazine also arrived and I am slowly
making my way through it's pages and furiously
knitting away on Christmas gifts.

 Salads, along with fresh fruits
roasted vegetables are the only
foods gracing my table. I managed
to consume quite a bit of foods
over the last few weeks that I know
I shouldn't eat so it's back to basics
for me. As I grow older I find my
reactions to what I eat has grown
stronger, but still I lapse and have
to learn the hard way.

I receive a photo of my daughter
and son in love, they went to the
ball! I miss them, but they are
having such a grand time so
that makes me happy.

I wish you all joyous and
productive days and we
begin a new week.

Weekending with Karen


  1. Oh she is beautiful!! Wasn't it nice for Donna to set up something fun??? Glad you made a new friend :) love the old bones of that building and the stories it holds silently. I hear you about age and eating the naughty foods....

  2. What a great way to say "son in love"! So beautiful! Your photo of the trees going to the sky took my breath away for a moment... So gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful photos Tracey, and such a stunning photo of your daughter and son in love. I can feel the happy exploding from this post, enjoy!

    Have a lovely start to your week.

  4. Just look at those two.....what a happy, gorgeous couple!!! (still waiting for my taproot) happy knitting

  5. What a beautiful couple!!! I know you are proud!

  6. I went to a military ball a gazillion years ago. It was a blast and it was fun to dress up in a ball dress! I LOVE old buildings. A couple of days ago someone posted on FB a link to abandoned buildings around Colorado. So cool.

  7. Happy week to you dear cousin! I too am working on gifts, not necessarily for Christmas, but some are. Nothing like I've done in the past few years though. Erin looks gorgeous in that beautiful dress! Beautiful couple :) Have a great week!

  8. I'm so happy seeing everyone get excited when their swap packages arrive! We have been doing a lot of salad as well to counteract all the bad stuff we seem to eat lately. What a lovely picture of your daughter and her hubby.

  9. What a beauty your daughter is, my dear friend! Stunning!
    Still waiting for my Taproot, like Steph.
    Love the trees and the dandilion've got a good eye.
    Yes to healthy eating and knowing our bodies and what they need. I do best with few carbs, but they are so tempting...
    A most happy Monday to you, dear Tracey,
    xo Lisa

  10. Love that photo looking up through the trees. I'm enjoying Taproot too - trying not to read it all at once!

  11. Adore the picture of the trees!!!! And yes, I too love old buildings - especially old barns and churches.
    Beautiful couple - they look so happy!

    Linda in VA

  12. Your daughter and her hubby are cute!
    Yay for being outside! I wish our icebergs would go away but I think they are here for the duration.

  13. What a beautiful couple! I love the gown, hair, and make up. Please flash your kimchi when it's ready. I wanna make some. My husband is particular about his Korean food. We have yet to find a favorite kimchi. I've been wanting to make some. I like that bulky yarn.

  14. your daughter looks just like beautiful!! Have a great week Tracey.

  15. such a wonderful post and beautiful photos. <3 have an amazing week

  16. Your rose is beautiful, so is your daughter.

    I love old buildings too Tracey and like you imagine who lived there long ago...if only the walls could talk.

    Keep well.
    Happy days,