Sunday, December 13, 2015


Awakened souls strengthen and encourage
Each other by their friendships and interchange
of thoughts. They create a network of light
over the planet And spin threads of mutual
upliftment and inspiration.

~ Vida Reed Stone

Oh this December is turning out
to be quite strange, it feels more
like April than December!

I have spent time hiking around the
property and sitting in the sun knitting.

I took a trip to Charleston, SC to do
a little Christmas shopping and was
pleasantly surprised to hear my name
being called in Barnes and Nobles; a
long time friend I was in high school
with recognized my voice and stopped
to chit chat for a few moments. I do
love happy moments shared with friends!

I picked up a few skeins of huge yarn
and a pair of size 50 needles to knit a
few chunky cowls. What a workout these
needles give you, hand me size 2 anytime.
While I finished the cowl in no time, it was
not the relaxing knitting I love at all.

My oldest son and his family surprised me
with a visit so I had some baby loving time,
made my heart happy.

I received a photo of Emerson in her Olie knit
hat. They were visiting an animal manger festival
that include not only goats, but reindeer! .

Tammy on  Instagram {I'm traceyclover}
posted that she had a coloring book on order,
a knitting coloring book, and I was so
intrigued that I was off to Amazon to take
a look, my copy will be here in a few days.
I wanted to let you know incase like me
you had no idea this existed.

Weekending with Karen


  1. It hasn't felt like December here either - temps topped out around 72 today! Just not right for this time of year... I've seen that coloring book, too and am very tempted to get it for myself. Have a great week!

  2. It's odd weather here in norther Virginia as well. Last year this time I was hugging the fireplace! I'd love to try the large knitting needles. They look fun. Guess I better learn to knit!! The large crochet hooks make my hands tired when I've used them. Have a lovely week. Lisa

  3. Heh- knitting with that large of needles is not my friend either. Feels like I am knitting with oars.
    Love that you were able to get some baby cuddling in. Always a treat to see Emerson!

  4. It doesn't feel like December here either, sadly. I want some snow! Love the cowl, and how wonderful to see that sweet baby. He is adorable. Emerson looks great in her hat.

    Have a lovely start to your week.

  5. How wonderful that you were able to see a the picture I thought she was a sister of yours :0) I am having so much in IG but I am trying to control is addicting! So glad to see Emerson...I have missed here :D love, mari

  6. Emerson looks adorable in her hat!!! (She actually always looks does little Porter. What a cutie!!!) A knitting coloring book?!? I've totally avoided that little impulse ..... but I better go check it out, right?

  7. Kay and Ann at Mason-Dixon Knitting just released a coloring book for adults, blogged about here:
    Their first knitting book of patterns and stories is the best one out there!

  8. Your landscape photos are always so beautiful! The chunky yarn looks great, but I agree that it is not the most relaxing kind of knitting! My wrists don't like it at all!

  9. That is some strange weather you're having! I can see why it would be both a blessing and something to make you feel a little uneasy. I never enjoy it when the weather is "wrong," it makes everything feel strange. How nice to see your friend in the store! That's a lovely photo of you together. I hope you have a good week, Tracey.

  10. Mr P and Miss E are looking so healthy and happy and mighty fine!! I do not like knitting with super chunky, it's too exhausting and painful for me :) Isn't this weather weird???

  11. Love the quote. Yey unexpected children's visits are the best. The best thing too when you bump into an old friend. We're having weirdly wild weather too...not at all Christmasy.
    Have fun colouring.

  12. Wow Tracey, those huge needles are a big change for you. No size 2 for me please, but somewhere in the middle.

  13. Your photos are just gorgeous, as always. When I look at them I think of autumn. Here it is definitively december, we have polar night and no sun until January 20, it vanished on November 20. And there is a blizzard outside, complete white-out, the police advices not to drive.

  14. Wow! Those needles are huge!!
    I am one of those that has taken up the adult coloring book fad (loved to color as a child and teenager) - and this knitting one just went on my wishlist!!

    Linda in VA

  15. Loved seeing Porter and Emerson. Chunky cowls are awesome! I want one. That is cool, a knitting coloring book. May add that to my Santa list.

  16. Hi beautiful, loved this glimpse into your weekend. And the Japanese Magnolias are in bloom here too. March is going to look bare, isn't it?

  17. I'll some of that april weather thank you!!! We just survived a wicked storm (a little bit too exciting for me). Your photos are beautiful Tracey!!!xoxo