Thursday, December 10, 2015


Show up in every single moment
like you're meant to be there.

~ Marie Forleo

It is such a busy time of year,
but I'm showing up for each
day with a smile on my face
and diving deep into each
activity.  I love this time of

We are not experiencing the
least bit of seasonally weather,
our temps are in the mid 70's and
headed toward the 80's by the
weekend, but I'm not going
to think about that, there is too
much elving to be done. And
it's not like I can control the
weather, or else there would
be a foot of snow on my land!

I tried a new granola recipe
and while the green color
might be a little off putting
the flavor is spot on and I
love them!

There is a lot of Christmas
knitting going on, but I should
have my list all complete by
Sunday at the latest and then
I have plans to do a little
selfish knitting [I have a list].

Alex loves to read Popular
Science Magazine and showed
me an interesting article about
yarn made from slaughterhouse
waste. I posted this on IG and
the response I received was how
I felt too, no!. Personnelly I wish
slaughter houses didn't exist.
What do you think, yes or no to
the yarn?

I tackled a huge pumpkin this
week and made pies, soup, roasted,
and pumpkin butter. 25.7 pounds goes
a very long way!

Today has been draining. For over
twenty years I have had an electric
stove that I have cooked on and I
have cooked a lot [it's a hobby], but
like so many things made these days
it wasn't built to last for years and years.
The door would sometimes fall off
when I opened it 'wrong' and the
burners starting acting up so we knew
it was past time to look into getting
something else. I am now the proud
owner a a gas stove and it has a griddle
which should be fun. To me the best
part is that it comes with a dehydrator
setting which I am excited to try out.
Now I just hope this one lasts me at
least another twenty years!

Enjoy all your minutes this weekend,
Christmas is in 15 day!!



  1. Your new stove is a beauty!! We have a gas stove and I do love it so. :-) Things have been so busy and hectic around here, not being here for two weekends in a row didn't help the "schedule"... It was really nice, but now the weeks are just packed and I feel like I'm loosing steam...Thankfully the Christmas break is right around the corner and I'll be able to catch my breath a bit.

  2. Yahoo for a new stove! How exciting! You are a fast knitter! What are you going to knit "selfishly"?
    Good for you, making the most of that lovely weather. We've had nice mild days, too. I hear the cold is coming though.
    Have a great Friday, Tracey!

  3. Look at your new stove, gorgeous! It has been mild here too Tracey, feeling more like spring. It's going to be a green Christmas up here :( A big no to that yarn...I can't even imagine knitting with it.

    Love your quote today, it has been my motto these last few months...just show up, in each moment and be there. It has worked, and helped so much through this transition.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend my friend.

    PS I kinda hope those temperatures stick around for my trip down south later this winter :)

  4. There is nothing more precious than enjoying each and every moment that God has gifted us. So thankful for the beauty that is this season.
    A big NO to the yarn, after further consideration.
    Slaughter houses? Well, I live in cow country's, so they are needed for the farmers and such. The ones here are regulated by the state and there has been no issues with the way they treat the animals.
    Enjoy you knitting dear lady.
    Love, mari

  5. Well... maybe the new stove is the start to redoing your kitchen!! I have stove envy! I can't wait to see what kinds of yummy things you turn out. HUGS!

  6. I love how you have set your mind and attitude to get up and smile everyday in this hectic season. So often, this season overwhelmes me and I forget the reason for the season[family included in the reason]. Thanks for the reminder. Wish I was done with my gift knitting, but I know my family understands those late gifts. Love your gas stove, would not mind owning one myself, but not in this house, no way yo vent it…darn! Enjoy your day! I have a smile on too.

  7. I am happy you have a new stove, you deserve it and by the looks of it I think it will last more than 20 years. Fingers crossed. I am not in favor of that yarn....I like wool :)

  8. A new stove - how nice! We have electric but my husband really loves gas to cook with. I am trying to embrace the craziness of the season and mix it with some peace to get sanity in my days. Have a wonderful weekend Tracey!

  9. I love this quote so much!! Your landscape photography is so beautiful!! As for the yarn, I don't know... I think it won't be the most enjoyable feeling of knitting with it... Have a great weekend!

  10. What beautiful photographs Tracey. I especially love the third one. The scenery is amazing. I'd love to have a go at those granola bars too but not sure if I can find all the ingredients. I'll do some research.

    I read the note about the slaughterhouse yarn with mixed emotions too. It's a funny one but I suppose that if an animal is going to be slaughtered that at least every bit of it should be used.

    Congratulations on your new stove. Mine is almost a year old we just got it in time for Christmas last year. It's nice when it's still all sparkly and new. I'm sure that you will have lots of happy baking days playing with it.

    Enjoy all your minutes too...hope they are all happy ones.

  11. Good for you for taming the pumpkin beast - I have a Hubbard that is calling my name. Enjoy your new stove!

  12. How exciting to have a new stove, Tracey! It sounds like a really nice one. Mine is about 8 years old, but the people we bought the house from 6 years ago never used the oven. Seriously, it was brand new inside and still had plastic on the racks. They only used the burners on top. I think that's really weird but whatever, it was nice to inherit a half-new oven when we bought the house. :) I'd never heard of slaughterhouse yarn before your post. How interesting! I think that's a great idea. Let us know what you think if you try some. Hope you have a good weekend.

  13. We have a separate dehydrator which we use not a lot but enough. You should try bananas. To just a chewy crisp. Fabulous!

  14. Ooo... you're going to love cooking on your gas stove! And a dehydrator built into it – what a bonus!

  15. I wish for a gas stove one of these days! Interesting that slaughter house waste is made into yarn. A bit ew for me like dog fur yarn. Love the lake shot. It's a gorgeous reflection.