Wednesday, December 30, 2015


There is so much, so much, to see,...
Because it goes so fast. I'm not running
away from things, I am running to them.
Before they flare and fade forever...

~ Station Eleven

Right before the Christmas break I
was asked by an old friend to knit
a pair of pedicure socks , but my
time was booked with other items
that had to be finished as they
were gifts.

Now that all my gifts have been
handed out I cast on a pair of pedicure
socks and should have them finished
by the end of the week. They
are a basic, straight forward sock
pattern just without the toes.

 While I am still knitting every day
my time has taken a bit of a hit with
my overwhelming obsession to
clean out every nook and cranny
of my home [again]! Don't worry,
the yarn stash is safe.

Insomnia is something I have been
dealing with for a few weeks so
my reading has picked up. I am
just about finished with Station Eleven,
a book I am thoroughly enjoying.

And....the Camilla's are in bloom
and the bees are out because we
are having the strangest weather
ever; I wonder what spring will
look like!

Joining Ginny


  1. Pedicure socks sound awesome! I might have to try that...although I definitely need full socks right now. It is downright chilly in Maine now!

  2. Nature likes to keep us guessing :-). I'm sorry about the insomnia. It is not easy to deal with since our body needs the rest. Beautiful flowers as always.

  3. I just started that book and I hope to get more into it. I need about two hours to adhere to the plot. it looks like spring time in your area. Sorry about the insomnia, I'm so glad I sleep most of the time through the night sort of. I wake a lot but manage to fall back asleep. lovely socks :)

  4. Strange weather is right! It's been way to warm and wet in our area over the last week. We were out in short sleeves and hubby in shorts on Christmas! Yesterday a cold front moved in and now we have somewhat "normal" weather again... Pedicure socks, what a neat idea! I finished a hat and cast on a pair of socks. Now it just needs to get cold enough to get some use out of either one.

  5. Our Camilla isn't quite there yet. Soon I hope. Beautiful socks.

  6. I love the yarn! I've never heard of pedicure socks? I thought they were yoga socks :) That yarn is fabulous!!!

  7. The socks look great and the yarn is gorgeous.

  8. What magical captures of the flowers! Happy New Year, dear Tracey!!

  9. That is strange weather! What?! We have several inches of snow on the ground and I am wondering if it will stay until spring now because the temps don't get above freezing here very often in January and February... I must say I am enjoying it for the moment but I know in a month or two I will be aching for it to go and for the new buds of spring to appear! I will live vicariously through your flower pictures. Gorgeous gorgeous photography. Your socks are beautiful too!

  10. Can you come to my house and clean every nook and cranny? I need to stop knitting a bit and clean some more. As usual, your photos are stunning. I hope your 2016 is a happy and healthy one Tracey!

  11. I just can't believe those camelias and bees! It's very cold here, with snow on the ground and potentially more to come by next week. I hope you have a happy New Year with your family and a wonderful 2016.

  12. Im also in full on clean mode. Its that time of year!

  13. I can't believe you have flowers! We have icebergs. Boo!
    Your knitting always looks sweet and good!

  14. Bees??? Crazy! I'm in a housecleaning / purging mood and only wish we didn't have to start back to school next Monday as I feel like I could use an extra week off to do the same. Dan and I will be painting our bedroom on Saturday, so that's something since it means having to really do a good cleaning in there. I attacked my kitchen today but still need to clean out the pantry... Pedicure socks? I've never heard of them.
    Will be praying you get some sleep, my friend. I mentioned on IG that I take an Rx (Trazadone) which helps me stay asleep -- I never have any trouble falling asleep. If I have two nights in a row, I take a pill the third night for two nights in a row which helps put my sleep rythem back where it should be. Just sharing as it may help you, too. I tried every single natural remedy there was before resorting to an Rx.
    Sorry for going on and on...just know how frustrating it can be.
    Much love,
    Lisa :)

    1. I guess I should've said in there that what I have is "early waking syndrome" (what my dr. called it). For whatever reason, my body wakes and thinks it's time to get up. :(

  15. Sorry about your insomnia. I hope it won't continue for too much longer. I am constantly clearing nooks and crannies of our house. I like the less is more look. It feels good to pass along things no longer needed. Have a Happy New Year. Lisa

  16. I just cannot get over that bottom camellia!! I just recently learned that camellia is also TEA. TEA! You could grow your own tea leaves there in the coastal warmth, if you wanted. And the tea camellia bloom is quite lovely too. (Pretty yarn, as always. :))

  17. Tracey, that last photo is GORGEOUS! Find a photography contest to enter that in. Cheers to a Happy New Year!

  18. I may have that pattern pinned or something. Those socks would have been so handy after a pedi. Now to save money, I do it myself at home. Sorry you're battling insomnia. I have a sinus headache right now. I should take some IB before it gets worse.

  19. Thankfully I've never had to deal with insomnia. I also don't get the overwhelming urge to clean every nook and cranny of my house very often. Lol!! I hope your sleeping patterns get better soon. That must be horrible. Happy and healthy new year to you and your family. xo

    ~ Wendy

  20. Oh such beautiful flowers! Happy new year to you and yours! I hope 2016 holds many wonderful things for you!