Sunday, January 3, 2016


Mindfulness is the aware,
balanced acceptance of
the present experience.
It isn't more complicated
than that.
Practice mindfulness.


My word for the year...
and I am more than
determined to make
sure I am aware and
paying attention to all
the moments that come
my way.

The first weekend of the
new year I have hiked,
and been awed at my world.
I seem to have developed a
love all of things fungi and
can't help but notice them
when I am out.

There has been knitting, always
knitting...a sock, a wrap. Making
lists of future projects. Maybe just
knitting from my stash? Well, after
I use my Christmas gift cards, but
we'll see, although truth be told
I have more than enough yarn to
last me awhile.

Cooking collards and blackeyed peas
to eat on the first day of the new year.
Do you eat a special dish to bring in
a new year?

Babysitting granddogs for the weekend
and getting to visit with son and
grandson for a few hours.

Talking with my Emerson and hearing
all about her Christmas break. She is
getting so big and is now a skateboarder.

I am looking forward to seeing what this
year brings for all of us...Happy New Year
my dear friends!

Joining Karen


  1. Listening closely to the blessings that Our Gid gifts us each day is a precious way to live in the moment ... His moment. Thank you for stopping by and for praying. I'm not out of the woods but I am at peace since I can not control this. God bless dear Tracey.

  2. Happy New Year to you too,Tracey! May 2016 bring you and your many wonderful things. Great word for the year. We all need slow down and live more "in the moment" not always thinking about what comes next. You have a wonderful week!

  3. Happy New Year Tracey!!!! I love your focus for 2016. Wishing you a wonderful, and mindful year ahead. xo

  4. Wishing you a happy 2016, Tracy! I like your intention for the year: mindfulness. And, I love that sock yarn colorway and all of your photos of family, nature, grandbabes and pups.

  5. I too have the wish to be more mindful this year. I want to truly appreciate all that I have around me and be grateful. Looking forwards as always to the new year and new posts from you. Your blog is my "serenity now" place.

  6. I have the same goal for this year as well. Look at E!!! she is getting bigger and bigger :) I love that she is smiling and adjusting to her life adventure. We are soaking up the last two days of my son being here. Look out coffee table, you'll be cleaned :)

  7. A wonderful word for 2016 !!! Your shrooms are looking gorgeous...and the pictures of your granddogs made me smile.
    Have a great week Tracey

  8. my word for the year, too (although it was also my 'word' last year, and I failed terribly in putting it to best use!!! new promises!) hoping this is the best one yet!!!

  9. Happy new year! Mindfulness is a perfect word for 2016. Mine is discover. Hope you are well! xo

  10. Happy New Year Tracey! Your photos are beautiful as always, you have such a good eye! The shawl looks really nice and so do the socks. I've got a pair (or better yet, the first of the pair) on my needles right now. Just in time, it's finally gotten cold here.

  11. Love that first peek-a-boo mushroom shot!

  12. It's a brand, sparkly new year!

  13. Lots of great stuff goin' on here. For New Year's you saw the margaritas and chocolate crinkle cookies. Tried that recipe for the first time and it was good. The cookies came out so well.

  14. Happy New Year to you Tracey. Mindfulness is such a great thought to bring into the new year. All the best, Kate

  15. Your word for the year is my goal for 2016. Being here, being present, alert and grateful. My New Year dish is the salad that we always used to have back in Russia. It's called "Olivie". I never thought I would miss it so much!! I cooked on the 1st day of 2016 :)

  16. Mindfulness is a wonderful word and practice for 2016. I shall follow in your steps down that same path. Growing up we always had black eyed peas and turnip greens on New Year's Day. I tried it with my kiddos a times. You would have thought I was feeding them dirt!

  17. Black Lab Happy faces are just the BEST!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  18. I have been so busy but thankfully carved out a bit of time to catch up with everyone's blogs this evening! We always have lentils for new years dinner -- this year was lentil stew which is one of our favorites. Glad you are being mindful...if I were to post about it, my words for this year are: Thy will be done. I'll bet you miss your girl...
    Happy new year, my friend,
    xo Lisa