Sunday, November 22, 2015


Every accomplishment starts
with the decision to try.

~ Unknown

I have spent most of my
weekend knitting, organizing
for knitting, making lists of
things I want to knit, and
looking at patterns.

After spending some time
loving my home I hopped
in my Mike's truck and drove
to the yarn store [Coastal Knitting
if you're in the area] just so I
could pick up some more
Top This hat kits that I talked
about in this post. I spent some
time there visiting with the
owner, Judy, [that's her in the
photo with the squirrel] one
of my most favorite people
on this planet, She and Ann,
another awesome soul, were
making wee scarfs for their
Christmas critter displays.
There is something about
visiting a yarn store that just
makes my whole day happy!

On my way home I stopped
to pick up my mail and found,
the most lovely package from
Stefanie of Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons
Thank you Stefanie, for everything!
Not only did Stefanie knit the softest
socks, she made the cutest bookmark
and bracelet, a woman of many talents!
There is still time to donate socks
if you forgot.

Sunday has been blue skies, organizing my
yarn stash and taking inventory, sugar
cookies, relaxing and more hat knitting.

How about you?

Joining Karen for Weekending.


  1. A weekend full of knitting, you can't beat that. Sounds wonderful Tracey. There was lots of crafting here too..knitting, salves and lotions, and some rope bowl making.

    Love that last are beautiful my friend. Wishing you a lovely start to your week. xo

  2. when you are surrounded by yarn...the world takes on a beautiful hue :0) you look wonderful dear lady ;D mari

  3. So many good things in your blog post. The hats you've been making are just so stinking cute and the yarn store looks wonderful! I've spent the weekend getting caught up on chores, decorating the house for Christmas (normally I wait until after Thanksgiving, but had to change it this year), running errands... It's all good though because we're off the whole week of Thanksgiving and I'll get to enjoy the things I like. :-) You look absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. Sounds like a weekend I'd love to copy...I have a similar one planned, on my to-do list, and hope to make a reality soon!! xo

  5. What a lovely weekend! Yarn store looks sooo good!

  6. That sounds like a great weekend Tracey. My gosh I just love those hats!

  7. You look marvelous! Isn't there something just so great about yarn stores? I feel like I walk into one and instantly feel relaxed.

  8. I had a dog collar that was decorated with that cute sheep ribbon. It was for our one tricolor Corgi (who was mostly black) - she was the "black sheep" amidst our other 4 red and white Corgis.

  9. That sounds like best weekend and your yarn shop assistant looks so friendly and warm. Love how your hairs growing too, it really suits you.
    Enjoy the blue skies.

  10. It's nice to see you!
    There is nothing like a good yarn store!

  11. knitting makes every single day awesome :) I love that you have a shop and you like to go there and be happy!! I'm going to mine again :)

  12. you are so lucky to be close to such an awesome shop! Those hats are absolutely adorable!!!! Hoping you have the best Thanksgiving! Hugs!

  13. Those little critter hats are so cute aren't they?! I spotted them in our local yarn store and loved them!

  14. What a fun hop in the truck trip!
    On a side are so beautiful. xo!

  15. Mahalo plenty for the mention ^__^. I'm thrilled you liked the pair of socks and especially the bookmark. I am honoured you are rockin' the bracelet! It is always fun to take a ride to the yarn store! Thought of you, hon; reading The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe; it takes place on the Isle of Palms. Loggerheads are part of the story too.