Thursday, November 19, 2015


In life you will realize there is a role
for everyone you meet. Some will
test you, some will use you, some
will love you and some will teach
you. But the ones who are truly
important are the ones who bring
out the best in you. They are the
rare and amazing people who remind
you why it's worth it.

~ Unknown

My mornings have been slow
this week. I've taken the time
to watch the sun rays come
thru the bedroom curtain ,
 or I've slowly walked
and felt the rain on my
 and  been totally awed by the
setting sun.
 I've spent time with my
knitting and tea, finding
comfort in these every day
things, especially after a
rough morning of being
attacked by my rooster Hercules.
While we both survived
the incident, I left bleeding
and bruised and I will admit
to being more than a
little upset.  I now
walk in the yard with
a really big walking stick!
I made a huge batch
of granola, and I have
been snacking on it
for days; adding cardamom
is what sends it over the
 There was some  really great
mail, more socks for the homeless,
[I know of more that are coming in
so it's not to late if you want to con-
tribute], along with some special
gifts from a dear cousin.
 I had lunch out with my Mike
at a favorite Mexican restaurant
 and then there was a visit
to my favorite yarn store
to smell the yarn fumes
and pick up a few things.
 I discovered this really adorable
hat kit, instead of adding a pompom
to the top it comes with a little animal head,
the wee giraffe came home with me.
I knit a hat that I am pretty stoked about,
it has reflective strands running thru it
that will reflect light, [ex: headlights] when
worn at night. It's the perfect running/walking
I spent some time this week
talking with some awesome and
inspiring women, women who
make me smile, laugh and offer
the most wonderful encouragement,
women who make me believe in
myself and who give me courage
to put myself out there, something
I struggle with, I owe you all a
big thank you!

I opened an Etsy shop and while
it's still small I have lots of ideas
and am knitting away. Tell
me, what do you think?

Have a great weekend.
Much love,


  1. So many things I love about your week! Slow mornings, homemade granola (one of my favs), great knitting and a visit to the yarn store. Sounds like my kind of week... Where did you get the yarn with the reflective strands? Since we're up and at them early on the weekends, I'd love to make a hat or two just for that.

  2. Congratulations Tracey, I just took a peek at your Etsy shop, it is awesome. All the best to you my friend.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  3. Slow mornings are lovely. And so is that pink yarn on your needles - beautiful.
    I've had homemade granola made by others but I've never tried making it myself. I will have to look up a good recipe and remember to add cardamom. Thanks for the inspiration and the very best of luck with your Etsy shop.

  4. What a sweet week; we have had a very very hard week here so it was a little blessing to come bask in your peaceful pictures and thoughts. Your etsy shop looks perfect, what wonderful items you already have listed! I have always dreamed of opening one and even have a name for my shop already registered but just no time or immediate vision for how to use it yet. Maybe one day!

  5. What a lovely week you had! And big congrats on your Etsy shop! I am sure every piece you'll make will be filled with love!

  6. Wow Tracey - good for you! With as much knitting as you like to do, opening an Etsy shop is a great idea. What is that fluffy pink yarn you have pictured? I am looking for a non-itchy yarn for my Mom. I tried alpaca, but she thought that was itchy. She told me to just buy cheap acrylic for her, which really isn't my thing. Sorry to hear about your rooster attack - we can't keep any, so I haven't had to deal with that. Being afraid in your own yard is no fun.

  7. grr that rooster picking on you :( I love the hat and the reflectiveness a great feature!! I've linked your etsy shop on today's post. Looks GOOD. I hope you get some sales :)

  8. An attack rooster, eh? Yikes! I love the idea of a reflective yarn.

  9. Congrats on your shop!! Etsy can be a fun place/community. I've had a shop there for a few years, although I don't "work" it as I should...just not enough time. Hope you do well, my friend! Your listings are well photographed and well-written. :) xo Lisa

  10. Congratulations...your shop looks so beautiful and professional...very best wishes!

    I love the reflective hat idea!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  11. best wishes on your new shop!
    I made a Toy Hat, hated the yarn but the hat sure was darn cute on the little girl who received it;-)

  12. Congratulation on your new shop! What an amazing venture, my friend.
    Sorry to hear about your rough battle with Hercules. Then again with a name like is sort of a given. :)
    Beautiful knits!

  13. Congrats on the shop - I like it! So sorry to hear about your rooster attacking you!! not nice - not nice!! But glad other parts of your week were restful and lovely!

    Linda in VA

  14. bummer about the rooster attack (my cousin had an attack rooster named Hector who kept the whole neighborhood in line!!!!)

    Love the hats!!!!!!

  15. It sounds like your slow week was a very full week, complete with walks in the rain, knitting, dining out, yarn shopping, granola making, and a rooster attack--ouch! I love the hat you made with reflective strands--what a good idea.
    Hooray for you new shop! I just know if will be a huge success.♥

  16. Congrats on the opening of your cozy, Etsy shop! You have some great beanies there. Love these animal hat kits.