Thursday, October 1, 2015


I let go. I accept my life as it is. I do not judge,
I do not dramatize. I let life's events come freely
and I welcome the lessons they convey. I stop
struggling now. I let go and know that God
always gives me that which is the most
appropriate for my soul.

~ Pinterest

I was thrilled to turn the calendar
this morning, October...Yes!
Right now the rain is falling and
the Weather Channel is predicting
epic flooding, but there is nothing
I can accomplish by worrying so
I'm not.

My week has been filled with foggy
mornings, spider webs decorating the
sides of the road where I walk, mushrooms
springing up everywhere, I love the red
ones, but the chanterelles  we can eat! Missing
the eclipse due to clouds [every single time],
marveling at how high the tide has been,
very unusual.

I've given up trying to keep Miss Bette
Davis Cat off my bed, every time I look
she is stretched out on my side. Can a
cat be trained? I am at a loss.

I have been busy in the kitchen, baking
soothes my soul just as much as knitting
does. Apple hand pies were enjoyed, as
was a lemon-blueberry jam cake. I found
myself enjoying these treats right along
with my guys and then woke up the other
morning feeling terrible, I just can't eat
sweet treats like this and feel good.
Now I am back on my plan and today
feeling much better.

Enjoy your weekend, I will be trying
to stay dry and knitting! :)
Much love,

Lemon-Blueberry Jam Cake

Your favorite yellow cake batter

[I use the Sunshine cake recipe from
a 1950's Better Homes & Garden

Jam of your choice

[I used some homemade blueberry-
lemon honey jam, about 1/3 cup]

Spoon jam around batter of cake and
gentle swirl. Bake

Top with confectioner's sugar mixed
with the juice of one big lemon.


  1. I have been so good, staying away from sweets - now you have my mouth watering... Goodness your baking looks delicious!

  2. I found that cats can be trained but only for things they like. :-) Ours know exactly when it is time for treats (when my husband grabs the garbage bag in the evening to clean their boxes, they know that they get their treats first). I don't mind having cats on the bed, it would be cruel not to let them. Mine only sleep on our bed when we are not in it once it gets colder and when it gets really cold there will be one or two at the foot of the bed during the night (where the heating blanket for my feet is). Miss Bette sleeps in the same position as my MamaCat.

  3. I can not believe the amount of rain you are getting down there. Stay inside and knit away my friend!!

  4. That cake sounds delicious. I would really like to give it a try soon. I hope the rain doesn't cause any problems, it looks like there's a lot coming. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  5. I know than when I indulge I do end up feeling terrible ....yuck. But it is hard to stay away from them, especially if you are the one who bakes them :0) flooding....praying that it will not be horrible. Since I live so close to the river, it is always a possibility. Blessings dear Tracey. Mari

  6. Miss Bette Davis looks so sweet on your bed-at least she's not peeing on it!

  7. Oh goodness, flooding. I hope that it isn't too bad. We have had some foggy mornings here too, and I find them so serene.

    Stay dry Tracey, and enjoy your weekend. xo

  8. Stay dry, dear Tracey! You are in my prayers. :)
    Those hand pies look rustic and tasty...would you, if you have time, share the recipe for those? Weather here is sunny and warm; mid to upper 70s forecasted for the next week, and we may hit 80 on Sunday and Monday. Crazy, but I'll take it. We do need rain here in the PNW. xo

  9. Tracey, those pictures are gorgeous - the water reflection, the moon, and that Spanish Moss - love them! Have a great weekend! (My cats do much worse things than sleep on my bed.)

  10. oh, my, that cake sounds devastatingly delish! :) Stay dry my friend and hunker down. Latest we've heard here the worst may miss you----fingers crossed for the best. Also heard we might get a bit of residual rain from it...all the way HErE??! That's crazy!!! Knit on!

  11. Oh I've been wanting to make hand pies for ages now - you have isnpired me to get some baked this weekend. We missed the eclipse too. I even woke at 3 am and got up to look, but the cloud cover was too heavy. I love your quote on this post too Tracey - thanks for those words xxx

  12. Those treats would be sooooo hard to resist...they look so yummy (despite the extra 10 thousand steps you have to clock in the next day)'s the (yummy) fun part of the discipline of life.xoxo

  13. I hope flooding won't cause many problems! And now I want an apple pie!

  14. I love the foggy pictures with the tree & moss! The lemon berry jam cake looks wonderful, but know I can't have any makes me sad. The apple hand pies or "fried pies" as Mamaw Tims used to make brought back a flood of memories when she would make them from scratch. My favorite was the chocolate ones! Happy Weekend! Sounds like a great time for knitting and reading. We're off to another fiddle contest this weekend! Results to follow.......

  15. Mmm, your cooking always catches my eye. I hope the flooding isn't too bad for you. Stay safe and warm. I prepped 2.12 lbs of beef stew meat for the slow cooker. The tween has been telling me she wants stew and this is her birthday month. So the aromas are filling up our little house!

  16. I love your pictures. We do not yet have rain, it is still time to enjoy the sun ... for now!

  17. We've now had rain all day - every day since last Sunday night - and it is going to keep coming many more days!

    Yes a cat can be trained - trained to always sit where you want to sit - LOL!

    Linda in VA

  18. Since I"m on a spending freeze and won't buy cake mix because I don't "need" it per say I'm going to try this cake later this month when I'm on vacation, but make it from scratch! I'll have to dig out my two antique cookbooks to find a similar recipe!

  19. I hope the flooding isn't as bad as predicted. It is so beautiful where you live. I love looking at your nature photographs and imagining what it is like there. Apple hand pie sounds wonderful. I'm with you on not being able to eat treats like I used to. My body says no, no, no ... but a little bit now and then seems to be okay.

  20. I let my animals on just seems easier than to fight it. Love your week of photos and I hope the rain has stopped!!