Sunday, August 16, 2015


I came to a point where I  needed solitude
and just stop the machine of thinking and
enjoying what they call living. I just wanted
to lie in the grass and look at the clouds

~ Jack Kerouac

This weekend I did not do
the first thing on my to do
list, instead I walked, sat in
the grass and cloud watched,
knit, and dreamed.

I drove the "jeep" that is in my
care while part of my family is
in Germany up and down the
dirt road. It's like driving a tank!

I discovered "Flat Kevin" on
the floor board of the mentioned
jeep so decided he is going to hang
with me and we will send photos
of our adventures to Emerson and
then he will fly over to Germany
with me.

I played with dye and  dyed a skirt
and a shirt, I see a lot more of this
in my future.

I worked on the journal I ordered for
Emerson and I to send back and forth
to each other. Thank you for the idea
dear friend.

I talked to my mama several times on
the phone, today is her birthday and I
am lucky to have her.

Tomorrow Alex will be a Senior, he is
excited to begin, I'd rather go to the
beach ;)

Weekending with Karen


  1. What a great idea, to share a journal with Emerson, I am sure you will both enjoy this very much! Love the skirt you dyed, it's a lovely color Tracey. Our oldest is a senior and I'm still a little in denial about that...

  2. I'm glad he's excited...because I'm with you. I'd be at the beach.
    Great looking skirt! Love the color.
    Flat Kevin...beware. You have adventures in store!!!

  3. I love the journal idea Tracey, how fun for both you and Emerson. And I caught that sentence about Flat Keven flying over to Germany with you....yay!!!! Your mama is beautiful.

    Good luck to Alex in his senior year. Hope you guys have a great year!

    Wishing you a wonderful start to your week Tracey. xo

  4. ooh the jeep looks fun to drive. I love the idea of the journal. Hannah does something similar with her writing friends in London now that she lives in Bristol. The free write and then post of to each other and comment and critique and do their own piece. It's a lovely way to keep in touch until you visit.
    Beautiful photos of your mama...I can see the family resemblance in your son.
    Hope you get to the beach some more...

  5. That journal idea is just fabulous!!! And I love the quote in the beginning. It is so important to make time for cloud watching from time to time!
    You asked if we're close to Baumholder. I just checked Baumholder is in the South of Germany, not far from the French border. We live aaaalll the way up North, in the city of Hamburg.
    Have a lovely start to your week, Tracey!

  6. Sounds like an amazing weekend!!!!

  7. That sounds like an awesome idea, sharing a journal. I also love the Flat Kevin adventures, like Flat Stanley! LOVE the color of your summery skirt. That quote is how I feel this summer, just living and smelling the roses, which is why no DIY hasn't happened yet.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom...she is beautiful (so much resemblance with you and Alex...) and i'm glad you found a driving and flying buddy...Emerson will be so happy!

  9. creativity is paramount to help us accept changes in our lives. it is not easy but yet watching what develops fills the void. the colors of your skirt are happy, brilliant colors. ocean colors :0)

  10. happy birthday to your mom!!! I love your sense of humor with the cardboard character...too funny! I cannot wait to hear about the journal exchange, so exciting!!

  11. LOVE the journal idea for your and Emerson to pass back and forth. She will remember that forever. YAY Alex!! SENIOR!! Happy Birthday to your sweet mama!

  12. Good for you for putting your to do list away and enjoying yourself. Next time you start a list, put yourself first. Life's too short to forego the joy. Love the journal idea.

  13. It sounds like you took the time to really relax and enjoy yourself. Good job, Tracey. You sound refreshed. Happy birthday to your mom!

  14. Tracey, I love that sea gull photo on your header! The journal with Emerson is a really good idea - it sounds like a lot of fun.

  15. How beautifully your header flows into the first photo of that gorgeous skirt.
    Happy Birthday to your mom. I stopped in my tracks when I saw her photo as I thought it was you. I stopped in my tracks again when I saw your son. No denying you are all related and a very attractive family at that.
    Love your idea for journal sharing with Emerson.

  16. Happy Birthday to your lovely, Mom!
    Heh- made my smile that you and flat Kevin are going to be hanging out. Even better that you can share your experiences with Emerson.