Wednesday, August 19, 2015


"There were a lot of things
 I planned to do, then I picked
 up a book".

     [ Photo Credit: Porter's Mommy Jordan.]

I finished my hat,
a fun little knit,
and a great way
to use up a wee
ball of yarn and
add another gift
to my Christmas

Next up?
This sweet little
cardigan for
Porter and then
I think these
and this to go
along with it.
He will be quite
dashing at
baby school.
Flat Kevin approves.

Gave up reading
moved on to something
far more intriguing,
and am much happier.

Joining Ginny


  1. Love the hat! And I also love that you put down a book that you weren't enjoying. Several years ago I gave myself a pass on pushing through books I wasn't enjoying. I figured that there are so many wonderful books that I could read, why would I spend time on one that I wasn't enjoying. Baby knitting - love - and what a cute baby to knit for as well :-D

  2. Great looking hat Tracey! The projects you picked for Porter are just precious, love them all!

  3. porter is a doll baby!! Love your new header (I think it's new). We are gearing up for some pod loading tomorrow and saying goodbye! Yikes!

  4. Beautiful looking baby, a real cutie. Love the hat.

  5. As long as flat Kevin approves it's all good. Porter is a sweetie. He is going to look so handsome in his hand knit. You are moving right along with your box of knitted goods!

  6. Porter is tooooo cute!!! (so is Kevin...HA) are so good about your christmas gifts (i am woefully behind)

  7. Gorgeous Christmas gifts! I love the wee hat :) And what a sweet little one :)

  8. He is cute, all chillin' in his floatie on a hot day. I didn't know Anne Geddes had her own line of baby yarn. Didn't know she knitted? I like the scallops hat pattern.

  9. How wonderful to have a little baby to knit for! I wish there were more babies in my life. He's really cute. I hope you're having a good week.

  10. Porter is going to be one cute little one all dressed up in his woolens :) I bet it is awesome having a little baby to knit for.

    Happy Wednesday Tracey.

  11. Christmas gift chest? Wooooeee! I'm really far behind!!! :)
    What a cutie that Porter is!! yep, he will certainly be setting the baby school bar pretty high in the fashion department! Too cute.

  12. The hat is gorgeous as is the recipient. Love the frog!

  13. Cool pictures. My faves are the sweet baby and the little frog. Enjoy what's left of the week.

  14. Love your pictures - they are always so soothing! The hat is so beautiful, I especially love this pearl grey color!

  15. Oh my, that hat is almost as adorable as that little guy! :-) I love a baby with big healthy cheeks! :-)