Thursday, August 13, 2015


Make today count,
you'll never get it

                                                             {Photo Credit: Erin, Emerson's mommy]

Well, it's now the middle of August
and I am noticing a slight change
in the temperature, the light, the
smell in the air, and while it's still
warm outside I can feel autumn in
the not so distant future, I'm ready!

This week I've spent getting ready for
the new school year, my last! I had
planned to begin formal lessons after
Labor Day, but Alex is excited to begin
so begin we will. I think we are in for
a fun year, but I am not looking forward
to Linear Algebra; mathematics is 
a subject I was not wired for ;)and
it's kind of hard being a beach bum 
when papers need to be written.

My dishcloth knitting is moving right
along, cast on 44 stitches, garter stitch
for 9 inches, bind off, simple and easy.

I won a giveaway and you can too. 
Wacoal Bras is giving away 30
$80.00 gift cards each week until
December.  Check it out, you can
enter once a day.

My kitchen is beginning to see
a little more activity which makes
my guys very happy. I have been
on a yogurt kick and have made
it twice this week and I even turned
my oven on and baked blueberry

My fall garden spot has been disked
so I am hoping to get my hands 
dirty this weekend. It will be me
against the deer and squirrels, but
I have high hopes.

I gave up reading The Vacationers,
thank you for agreeing, and found
a new book that looks pretty promising,
I will keep you posted.

The best thing this week was a phone
call from my daughter and getting to
talk with Emerson. The Army finally
has them a place to live so they will
be moving out of the hotel and into
an apartment this weekend. Next week
when they get internet set up we will
finally be able to Skype which will
ease my heart some. I got a great photo
of Emerson at the grocery store.
They sell yarn at the grocery stores
in Germany? American markets should
take some tips! 

Happy weekending my friends.




  1. This post made me smile Tracey, so much goodness in your world right no. I can't believe this will be your last year of homeschooling...enjoy it! And your garden ready to be seeded, have fun!

    Wonderful photo of Emerson. I can't believe they sell yarn in the grocery store, how cool!

    Wishing you the most wonderful weekend. xo

  2. In little towns outside the cities there are stores that sell the basics including very cheap yarn... Africa seems to be stepping up in the world then *chuckle*....
    beautiful photos! have a lovely weekend

  3. Did you homeschool your son through all the grades? What an achievement for both of you to reach this stage... yup, its back to school soon for us too (i'm excited to pick up brand new pens and journals while my kids pick up their supplies. Like you I am excited for the coming of autumn (my favourite season).

  4. Yes, they do sell yarn in some grocery stores in Germany. It's funny, but I kind of forgot about that. That's a big garden plot you have there! Good luck with your winter crops, may the deer and squirrels stay away. ;-)

  5. yarn in a grocery store? you could then get your recommended fiber intake (snort!!) E looks happy and I bet you loved hearing her voice. Linear algebra is up my son's alley so I hope A is a natural and you just sit back and relax. Have fun with your last school year (bittersweet....).

  6. <3 <3 Love this!! Happy Senior year Alex!!! Hope you and Mikaela both have a great year!!!!! No worries Tracey... none of us artsy types are wired for linear Algebra!

  7. That sounds like a scary book! Eek! And love Emerson. How cool they sell yarn at the grocery store! Very neat how you make your own yogurt. I can smell your blueberry muffins from here.

  8. Looks like Emerson will grow to be a woman after your own heart. We can definitely feel autumn in the air too and christmas won't be too far off...can't wait.
    Happy gardening.

  9. Oh I bet that picture just made your day. Yarn in grocery stores? That's a neat concept. What are you going to plant in your Fall garden? I am noticing the sun setting to the left of our little mountain these days which is a sure sign of Summer nearing it's end....

  10. I love your dish clothes. What size needle are you using? I am making a few grandmothers favorite dish clothes and I am using a 7 and casting on 54 to make a 9 inch dish cloth. I would love to only cast on 44 : ) Hope you have a very blessed weekend!!!!

    1. Thank you Renee'. I am using a size 8 needle. I've noticed this year that my knitting has become quite a bit looser than it use to be, after five years I've finally relaxed with this craft! :)

  11. Such wonderful photos!! I'm starting to feel a shift toward fall here as well. Our temps are starting to rise into the 90's again today after an all-too-short reprieve from the heat and humidity. But the days are starting to get noticeably shorter and our hydrangea bushes are in full bloom which is always a sign of the beginning of the end of summer. Have a beautiful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  12. Great insect photo Tracey, though that caterpillar is a bit intimidating! Hmm, buying yarn in a grocery store? It just doesn't seem right. Yarn at a farmer's market - now that makes sense. Linear Algebra - wow, I don't even remember learning that. I'm sure it made my head throb though!

  13. I love that smile on Emerson's face! If my grocery stores sold yarn, I'd be in bigger trouble than I already am! I'd forget to buy food and end up putting a skein of yarn on a plate and saying here is your dinner hubby - eat up! HA!
    I have that book you just started on my to buy list. Meant to get it today, but had already spent too much money on other books! I've read good reviews of it!

    Linda in VA

  14. :) You are so right, we need to sell yarn in our grocery stores!
    Love those dishcloths. You can never have enough and they are the perfect carry out knit.

  15. I love that quote at the top, Tracey. And yarn in grocery stores sounds like an excellent idea to me! :)