Wednesday, August 26, 2015


“And in the act of making things, just by
living their daily lives, they also make history.

Knitting is clothing made in spare moments,

or round the fire, whenever women gathered
together... It's something to celebrate-clothes
made in love and service, something women
have always done.”

~ Anne Bartlett 

A sweet wee cardigan
for a sweet wee one
who just turned three
months old.

A well written pattern that
takes you step by step so
there are no guess work and
has me browsing the designer's
page for more items to cast

Using Red Heart Anne Gedde's
Baby Yarn so it can be thrown
in the wash with ease, important
for a young working family.

After being disappointed in my
last two books I have finally found
a book that I am enjoying, at
least so far, so my hopes are high.
Ordinary Grace ...

From Amazon::

“That was it. That was all of it. A grace
so ordinary there was no reason at all to
remember it. Yet I have never across the forty
years since it was spoken forgotten a single word.”

Told from Frank’s perspective forty
years after that fateful summer,
Ordinary Grace is a brilliantly
moving account of a boy standing
at the door of his young manhood,
trying to understand a world that
seems to be falling apart around him.
It is an unforgettable novel about
discovering the terrible price of
wisdom and the enduring grace of God.

Did  you see the ABC's of Knitting Survey?
I would love to read your answers. :)

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  1. The cardigan is going to be adorable! As much as I love wool, hand dyed yarns and such, I couldn't agree more with your choice of yarn for a wee one. It has to be practical for such a little one. I LOVE the look of the Spanish moss hanging from the trees! I could sit there for hours just looking at.

  2. love the red and I love that it is washable! how do your hands feel while knitting with the yarn? I tend to get sore hands with non wool yarns. Your Porter is a doll baby :)

  3. Love the beautiful colour of the yarn, gorgeous just like your little man.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love that cardigan and the color you are using! He is going to look so handsome wearing it!

  5. cute cute sweater!!!! (for a cute cute little guy!)

  6. oh my gosh those patterns are so wonderful! thanks for the ravlery link! your wee grandbaby is so sweet. <3

  7. What a sweet wee knit for a sweet wee babe!

  8. So important to use washable for kiddos. I still use washable for Miss C. I do hope you like Ordinary Grace. I really liked it.

  9. This morning, I was racing to take photos for my blog post and I thought "I could wind my yarn through the trees like Tracy and then I felt silly. Your yarn-y pictures are always so lovely. I love the moss photos. I read one time a National G photographer said, "If your pictures are coming out stunning, you're not close enough." And he went on to say the trick is to figure out what that means - close in proximity, close in relationship, close to the sky, close to the ground... Looking forward to seeing your sweet cardigan on your sweet boy. :)

  10. He is precious, and will look so adorable in his new cardigan! I agree about using washable for babies. It is so much more liveable that way. Thank you for the book recommendation, too! :)

  11. I just love a red sweater on a little one. In fact, I remember having a red sweater I loved when I was little. :)

  12. The little red sweater will be so cute. I love knitting for wee ones.

  13. I love that pattern and that yarn.

  14. Beautiful captures of nature!

  15. What a sweet little one :) The cardigan will look gorgeous on him.

  16. Beautiful Spanish Moss! And what an adorable grandson you have. I'm always so immpressed by your knitting projects Tracey. What a lucky boy to have you for a grandma!

  17. Great knititng quote. I saw Anne Geddes' yarn too. I didn't know she knitted? That is a cool tree. I haven't seen one before. I hope this book has lots of intriguing secrets for you to read. Baby is growing so fast! Yay for three months. I like how that cardigan pattern is styled; faved it. I like no guess work.

  18. I always love seeing the spanish moss on those magnificent trees.

  19. I love that moss. Makes me miss the south so much.

    That wee one is getting big! Looking forward to seeing how the sweater turns out.

  20. He's looking adorable there. My little grandson is three months now too :)

  21. Boy I'm a sucker for cute baby tshirts. :-) That cardi iss gonna be just darling!