Thursday, August 27, 2015


The past is always present;
our memories and experiences,
dreams and struggles, the good
and not so good, create the mythology,
the amazing stories, of our lives.

                                      [Erin posted this photo of Emerson while she is on the phone with me]
                                                              [My paternal grandmother]

It's been a week filled with::

* Just laid duck eggs still warm
    in my hand.

* A cat who thinks she can read
   and gets a little testy if you try
   to move her off the book.

* Watching the sunrise every morning,
* Then watching it set at night.

* Celebrating National Dog Appreciation
   Day with my almost almost 11 year old
   chihuahua Twinkie.

* Talking with Emerson on the phone, hearing
   all about her pet snail named Rascal, then
   getting a photo of her talking on the phone
   with me.

* Receiving a huge box filled with family photos,
   letters, cards and other bits of family members
   that are no longer here. Reading letters in my Dad's
   handwriting, seeing my grandmother's school memory
   book and photos of great grand parents I never knew
   except thru stories, old passports, my grandparents
   marriage license, it's a lot. My table is still piled high
   and in between the tears I am sorting it all out. I didn't
   expect to be so emotional, but for some reason I
   am a wreck.

Enjoy your weekend my friends, the last one of August.

Much love,


  1. I didn't know you had ducks? That is a good sized egg. I'm so happy for you Emerson is keeping in close touch with you. Your grams was hot!

  2. What a sweet kittie...I need to take some pics of our new stray kittie...and Emerson sure looks like your Grandma...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. it's interesting what sets us off isn't it? <3

  4. Those old pictures look beautiful . I can definitely see a family resemblance. So sweet that you got to see a picture of Emerson talking to you on the phone. I find late summer/ early Autumn an emotional time for some reason anyway. Even more so when lots of things are going on in life. Wishing you a peaceful day :)

  5. I love all these pictures-it's been a very full week for you!

  6. I know it made you very emotional looking through all the old photos, letters and such, but what a wonderful gift to receive! Just think, you'll be able to add to this box and then pass it on to your kids! Love the pictures, the one of Emerson talking to you is just precious! I remember when we first moved to the US, it was so expensive to talk to my family in Germany. We were paying $1.50 per minute! Thankfully times (and prices) have changed and I can talk to my family and friends as often and as long as I like. Have a great weekend!

  7. What a treasure to receive! you look a lot like both photos especially the oval one. I love the photo of E talking to you :) I know you miss her so much! I didn't know your cat could read, oh the talents...Frodo says hello to twinkie :)

  8. Love these little moments of your life! Have a great weekend, Tracey!

  9. Beautiful moments Tracey, thank you for sharing pieces of you! XOXO

  10. Happy weekend to you too lovely lady! Love the moments you've shared.

  11. What a wonderful box of memories to get in the mail! Enjoy your memories.. I know they all come flooding back for me anytime I see or touch a piece of my past. I often relay things that my grandparents said or did with Mikaela since she never knew them. Mammaw Tims & Mike's Nanny Jones are the only 2 Greats she knew. Nanny passed away when she was about 2, so she barely remembers her.

  12. Can you believe it is the end of August already? My mom is working on her family tree and I love looking at all of the pictures of people (but sometimes that is the only way I can sort out who she is talking about. Have a great weekend.

  13. What a beautiful box of memories to receive. Enjoy your weekend Tracey. xo

  14. How interesting it is to have so many memories from your family's past. And what fun memories Emerson is making in a whole new country!

  15. Not sure why but the thing that struck me about this post was all the different eyes. I got to wondering about the different worlds they see/have seen.

    It's good to be catching up with everyone now I'm back online :)

  16. how wonderful to sort through such a memory box...those pictures of your grandmother are gorgeous!!! and of course you are a wreck...that's what you get for having such a soft, kind, and caring heart...xoxo

  17. we received a box of photos this week, too....from some cousins going through their mom's things. Memories!!! What to do with all the photos, though? Hate just sticking them in a box or drawer. Any ideas?
    LOVE that pic of Emerson!!!!!

  18. Heh- your reading cat does look rather saucy. :)
    I know I would have been an emotional wreck after looking through a box of family memories as well. Sometimes looking at a recipe written in my grandmother's writing will bring tears to my eyes. Memories and treasure such as those are heart-tuggers.
    Gotta love the pic of Emerson talking on the phone with you. What a thoughtful Mama she has to have captured that.

  19. What a treasure box to receive. I would be a wreck myself. And that sweet picture of Emerson... I know that it is so hard on all of you. *hugs*