Sunday, August 30, 2015


Wherever you are
 be all there.

~ Sam Elliot

It's been a weekend of the normal
tasks, rising early to walk, cooking,

loving my home since I like
things nice and tidy.

Sitting outside late at
night just watching the
moon and the lightening

 Noticing that the cool
front finally arrived and
dreaming of winter.

 Knitting another dishcloth
to add to the basket.

Slowly making my way through my
treasures, That little guy with just
two teeth is my Daddy.

I do have one request to make,
please make sure all of your hard
copy photos are marked on the back
as to who is in the photo, if not
for you then for generations yet
to be born. I have dozens of photos
in this box that are nameless and no
way of finding out who they were.
I spent all day Saturday with
little Porter! We played, had
a little photo shoot, napped,
and rocked. He really is a
sweet, happy baby.

I met 'Fred', Porter's lovey
and now a part of the family.

Sunday has brought the
rain, and since it's not
a hurricane I'm not complaining.

I've been working on
a few Christmas ideas,

I spent a few hours on the
sofa reading and eating
popcorn, then took a nap.
I just got back inside from
my walk and have dinner
waiting, creamy tomato dill
soup and sourdough bread.

Hope your weekend was
as pleasant as mine.

Joining Karen


  1. great name for his 'love-pup'!!! :) What a great weekend....intriguing indigo, something I've wanted to do for a long time, but not alone. Can I come play with you!???

  2. Sounds like such a lovely weekend...we too finally got some rain and everything has perked up in my garden. I am slowing getting our home in is not my favourite thing to do (could you send some of your energy my way?) Have a wonderful start to your week!!!

  3. what a heavenly weekend. looks like you have some fun projects coming up!

  4. what a lovely weekend - especially that gorgeous boy xx

  5. This picture of moon is just unbelievable! Magical!

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Baby love, knitting, crafting, relaxing, reading and of course good food. What more could one ask for? :-)

  7. What a lovely weekend. Hope your week is just as lovely Tracey.

  8. Can you come to my house and make things neat and tidy? My house is like an explosion lately. Especially with the warmer weather. No energy to do anything! Great idea about the photos. We have lots from my hubby's family that we have no idea who is in the photos. Porter is adorable. Great pictures!

  9. Tracey, you are a pro at capturing the moon! And a very beautiful spiderweb photo. Hmm, we bought two bushels of tomatoes and have about 1/3 of one left - your soup sounds great.

  10. Oh, look at those baby wrinkles! Porter is such a cutie. You have a lovely weekend. That is a good idea to mark who is who.

  11. We had a fabulous weekend here, thank you, I've posted about it. And ours included a grandson visit too. Porter really does look to be the sweetest little guy, just like our Liam.

  12. I have photos that I took and I cannot remember friend's names from long ago! I love your advice, I should have done that when I processed the photos. I love Porter he is a dollbaby and his lovey is lovely :)

  13. Such peace and slow pace are radiating from your beautiful pictures. And the quote up top fits perfectly and is so very true. Hard to live up to it for me though these days with two little ones at home and soooo much activity ;-) But then, they are the best teachers of living in the now!

  14. Your entire week-end sounds like heaven. Porter's lovey reminds me of my daughter's. Her's is a rabbit. She is almost 5 and can't sleep with it. :-)