Wednesday, August 12, 2015


"Make each moment an occasion
  to live deeply, happily, in peace."

With the chance of damaging storms
my plans to sit on the beach and knit
had to be postponed so I took advantage
of the slightly cooler weather and knit in
my back yard.

There are 135 days left until Christmas
[I know, it's coming fast] so I am casting
on some dish cloths that I like to add to
gift baskets.

As soon as I saw and read the name of the
hat, Beach Stone Hat I was digging in my
stash to cast on. Come on, Beach Stone Hat
has me written all over it ;) It's a fun pattern
and I am enjoying knitting it.

I am reading a terrible book,  I thought I
was buying a light comedy, but The Vacationers
is just a poorly written book about a family
dealing with a failing marriage, adultery,
and too graphic s@# for my taste. I despise
wasting hard earned money, but life is
too short and I'm not sure I can make it to
the end.

Joining Ginny


  1. Your backyard is gorgeous Tracey. I love this time of year, as my thoughts move towards gift giving, and the things I will create for those I love. I love that hat pattern, and the name is just perfect! Sorry about the book, I usually can't make it through a poorly written book, as hard as I might try.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. I do not like graphic novels at all. I dislike violence and I never thought myself prudish but I dislike adultery. Go figure! Give me pg or pg-13 in a book any old day :)

    love your yard and I need need need to make my Christmas list!!!

  3. A gorgeous setting for knitting and a great hat. Sorry about the book, I'm not sure I would be able to see it out to the end.

  4. I am also doing some secret Christmas crafting. Love your garden, what a delight.

  5. well, that little calendar announcement sure did wreck the day!! (just kidding!!!) I did so much Christmas knitting last year, I'm still sort of burned out; not sure what I'm doing this year. Sorry about the book. I'm on to Go Set a Watchman and so far it's very very good.

  6. There was a time when I would finish a book because I started it. Not anymore. I don't have time for that. I need to get started on something for Miss C for Christmas. I don't like to know that there are 135 days left...

  7. I'm working on knitting socks for my mom & 2 sisters (my mom's socks are finished. I have made my sister two pairs so far but have already given them away to other people!) I like the idea of knitting up dish cloths to put in gift baskets....what else goes in the baskets? (Just curious if you don't want to share! :-) ) I hope you are having a good day <3

  8. You made me actually laugh out loud about your book! It sounds terrible and I would ditch it. Adultery is one of those topics that has to be dealt with exactly right, that is to say, to show the terrible nature of it and usually best if there is some kind of redemption at the end. Many books and movies fail in this and make the "happiness" the adulterer experiences justify the end of a marriage. That is the wrong way to deal with it and usually is enough reason for me to quit a book or movie if it seems it's heading toward that treatment of it.
    Christmas. Ugh. Just...don't.

  9. I hate when I get a disappointing book. You are inspiring me with your Christmas knitting. Every year I swear I'm not doing it and then my December is full of knitting deadlines. I think it has almost become a Christmas tradition that I enjoy. Call me crazy! I hope you get a break from the storms for while.

  10. Lovely photos Tracey. I have so enjoyed discovering your blog via Yarn Along. Happy knitting.

  11. I love how you have the freedom to walk anywhere and take in mother nature. I hope you and your loved ones are safe during the storm. I wish Goodreads had a did not finish status. I don't like wasting money on a book. Sorry you had a bum read.

  12. i've just been catching up with your last few blog posts Tracey. Oh the video was the cutest thing. I love Emerson's accent, it's so sweet. Shame about the book. I hope your next one is better. I used to feel compelled to finish a book if I'd begun it but life is much too short. I put down my last but one book for the same reasons as you. Gosh must get my christmas knitting started...
    Happy days

  13. I'm working on some dishcloths too - including one in the shape of a house - with windows and a door! So cute.... I use them for washing my face in the shower - not for dishes. I too tried reading that book and thought it was awful! I had such high hopes for it too - dang it!

    Linda in VA

  14. Years ago I would force myself to finish a book even if I hated every minute reading it. One day I finally asked myself "why"? Since then I have decided life's too short to spend on books (or other things for that matter) I dislike. Only 135 days until Christmas, say it isn't so...

  15. Life is too short to finish reading bad books. Your knitting spot looks beautiful though. I am also trying to finish up my Autumn projects so that I can make room for Christmas ones :)

  16. That looks like a wonderful place for knitting. I know how you feel about giving up on a book. It's very difficult for me to do, especially when I've bought the book. But life is short, like you said, and I'm sure if you donated that book or gave it away with instructions to pass it on to someone else, it will find its perfect reader.

  17. Ooh I love that hat pattern! Added to my queue! I hate to leave a book unfinished, but I'm learning that my time is too precious to waste on bad books. I'd ditch it I think.

  18. Wow Tracey, you have crab claws in your backyard? Sorry you're reading a bummer book. I am reading one that just isn't pulling me in. I want to read it because it got great reviews, but the style is really hard for me to sink into. I'm deciding whether I will continue with the hopes that it will get better.