Monday, August 3, 2015


At the end of the day it's
not about what you have
or even what you've accomplished's about who you've lifted
up, who you've made better. It's
about what you've given back.

~ Denzel Washington


With everything that has been
going on in my world I wasn't
sure I would be able to finish
the pullover I was knitting for
Emerson, but picking it up
and knitting a few stitches here,
a few stitches there, I was able
to finish it Saturday night. A
gentle blocking and a fast photo
shoot and it's done.

I absolutely love this pattern,
it is very straightforward
and easy to follow.  I did make
a few changes, making the ribbing
a little longer and also knitting
the sleeves to full length, but
that is all.
Emerson was thrilled to arrive
and find her knit all ready to
pack for the move to Germany.
I would love to have had a
photo of her wearing it, but
with my summer temperature
there was no way I could ask
that of her, but I did request
a picture when it's worn this

Now to see if I can fiddle with
the numbers so I can knit one
in adult size; it would be just
right for my winter since I
rarely wear a coat.


  1. It is beautiful Tracey, and that colour looks wonderful on Emerson.

    I love that quote, so much so I wrote it in my journal just a few days ago. Can't remember where I found it, but so happy to see it again in your space.

    Thinking of you. xo

  2. It's gorgeous Tracey. And Emerson looks so thrilled with it :)

  3. The pullover turned out great! It looks like a wonderful pattern and the color is fabulous! I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love a picture of Emerson wearing it once it's cold enough. There will be lots of opportunity for her to wear it in Germany and it'll be a hug from you every time she does.

  4. gorgeous and I love the neckline!! So squishy :) She looks delighted and I know your heart is heavy but I hope skype and the internet makes the world a much smaller place for you and her.

  5. I'm so glad you were able to finish it! She looks absolutely thrilled and I'm looking forward to the picture of her in it. Well done you!

  6. Super cute. And she'll be adorable wearing her new sweater on her new adventure in Germany.

  7. I love the color! Glad you were able to finish in time!!

  8. the pull over turned out beautifully. so glad it got finished in time

  9. Lovely. Every time she cuddles up in it, she'll be thinkin' of you.

  10. It is very cute Tracey and she looks happy with it. Wearing it will be almost as good as a hug from you!

  11. now if that isn't a big hug, I don't know what is!!!! Lovely. :)

  12. You got it finished in time - how fantastic! It's a beautiful sweater, just love that color.

  13. It came out great! I want to make one for myself in that same color. It's so beautiful. What a smile on that darling girl.

  14. how are you doing today? ((hug))

  15. Such a beautiful sweater... that collar. I would just get lost in something like that with our winters. :-) And the color is gorgeous. I kept trying to imagine it with the red hat, so fun!

  16. It's good that you managed to finish it in time. I think it would be a really useful sweater. I'll be interested to see if you do upscale it.

  17. Hi. What a gorgeous sweater! I'm sure it was appreciated. Good luck making one for yourself. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  18. i'm thinking of you and the tough week you have to go through...hope you are keeping well !!!

  19. Beautiful Sweater. Second question where have you moved the blog too?


    1. Thank you Melissa. Well, as for a new blog, I tried to move to Wordpress and some how violated something when I moved my content over from Blogger so I am no longer at Wordpress. Sigh, not sure what I am going to do now. I will keep you posted.

  20. Gah, that girl just makes me smile whenever I see her beautiful face!
    Such a beautiful pullover, Tracey. This will make for not only an amazing wearable item but remind her of the beautiful person who made it for her. A true treasure!