Saturday, August 8, 2015


"Everyday is a new beginning, 
Take a deep breath, smile and 
start again."

Oh my goodness, between Emerson moving
to Germany with my daughter and son in love,
and then having issues with not being able to
upload photos it has been a very long week.
We won't even go into the issues I had when
I tried to start a new blog, argh! Thank goodness
I still have Google Chrome on my computer
besides Windows 10 so I am back in my space. :)

Emerson is now in Germany and they are loving
it.  I miss her so much. Thank you for the phone
calls and emails checking on me, you are the best!

I have been keeping busy to pass the time...

I did a lot of house loving [I clean when I am upset]

I finished knitting a shawl [and started a hat]

I am reading a new book [it's okay, not great, but okay]

I am doing a little Bible Journaling  [thank you Stephanie]

Baking cakes [thank you Karen]

And watching the above video over and over and over....

I hope your weekend is all that  you need it to be.

Much love,


  1. Oh sweetie, I know that you are sad and yes you will miss them....but they are with you always. And I'm sure this adventure will be something that Emerson, your daughter and son in love will share with you, for many years to come.

    Hang in there dear one. :0) also Bible journaling? Sounds wonderful, can you share a bit more about it?

    Lots of love to you sweet lady,


  2. Yep, some weeks are like that. Hope next week just buzzes right along for you! Have a good one!

  3. AWWWW That is so sweet!! HUGS!!

  4. So glad to hear they arrived safely in Germany. I can just imagine how much you miss them. Are you planning a trip to visit them?

    Such a sweet video of Emerson. Hang in there Tracey. Sending you hugs. xo

  5. Oh Tracey, that video is so sweet! It got me teary eyed, I cannot imagine what it did to you. Hang in there, hugs!!

  6. Lots goin' on for you. Hopefully y'all be able to Skype often. And maybe one day you'll have an excuse to go to Germany?

  7. Awww ... sorry the week was so rough ... sometimes it gets like that. That video is so sweet, I got teary-eyed so I can only imagine how you feel. But your quote is a wonderful way to say goodbye to the ouchies of the last week then you start new tomorrow.

    P.S. I clean my house when I'm upset too so right now ... everything's sparkling. LOLOL!

  8. Tracey,
    At the present time, I only have a granddog, who I love dearly. So I can only imagine how much I will love a grandchild one day. You've got to be so proud of your beautiful daughter and her family and their incredible sacrifice and service. Thank goodness we live in the era of facetime, skype, etc., so they will feel near and dear. Keep cleaning! xo Tammy

  9. Oh are soooo sweet and your purple sweater is gorgeous. I'm so glad you made such a beautiful hug video for your grandma.
    thinking about you Tracey!!! xo

  10. Cleaning, baking, and knitting - good things to keep your mind busy. It is a great adventure for them - Emerson will have so much to tell you about!

  11. I know you're missing your loved ones...but it sounds like you've got all your supports in Peace be with you during your transition...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  12. I've been praying for you this week all week, I hope you felt it. She is adorable and I know how much you miss her and them. I love that photo of all of you!!! You moved? then moved back?? Yikes. Must have been quite stressful.

  13. Oh my gosh - that video has me crying!! So sweet! Thank goodness for all the online abilities to keep in touch with people and see them too via Skype. Doesn't compare to in person - but better than not having it! I wish I could get my family to use it!

    Linda in VA

  14. You're more than welcome to be upset and come clean my house!

  15. That is the sweetest message every from Emerson who is all wrapped up in your love.
    Thank goodness for Skype, you will be able to have live video chats with her so that you won't feel so far away from each other.
    In the meantime, I know you will be playing this video very often.
    love, hugs 'n smiles,

  16. Tracey, I've been keeping you in my prayers & your daughter, son-in-love & Emerson for a safe trip. My heart is heavy for you but thankful at the same time for modern technology that you will be able to keep in touch. Continuing to pray that this transition is as easy as possible for you <3 (OH! I also wanted to say that I am loving all the posts you are pinning on pinterest about Bible Journaling. That is something I have been wanting to try for awhile now! I am loving looking at the ones you find).

  17. It must have been an incredibly hard week for you Tracey. That is the most beautiful picture of you all together :)
    Hugs xx

  18. oh my goodness how hard I know it must be for you to have your loves across the sea and far away. I'm sure you'll all find a way to stay in touch and will see each other as often as possible. thinking of you!

  19. ((hug)) so much love to you right now <3

  20. You simply must plan a trip to Germany! My brother always said he didn't join the Navy for his family (us) to see the world. I beg to differ. We've traveled all over the world to visit. I know it must be very hard right now with her being gone. But you can video chat and email and call. Think of the adventure she is on now!

  21. I'm sorry I'm so behind on reading your blog. My thoughts are with you. It must be so hard, I always think of my in-laws that have grand children spread over an entire continent. I wish the world was a bit smaller sometimes. *hugs*