Tuesday, July 28, 2015


A sensitive soul
sees the world
through the lens
of LOVE.

Before I share this week's
yarn projects I wanted to
give each of you the biggest
THANK YOU for all of
your sweet comments to
my guest blogger last week,
you all made a six year old
wee girl very happy, and
she says thank you too. I am
thrilled to say that she is
still practicing her knitting
each day and loves it. It
has been so thrilling to pass
on this love all of things woolie
to my first grand.
My knitting has taken a hit this
past week with other projects
needing attention, but I am
making progress on the pullover.
I need to knit the back ribbing,
the cowl and two sleeves, I'm
not sure I will have it done in
time before the move to Germany,
but I am going to try.
I finished the test knit hat I was
knitting, but realized I blocked
it a little big [I shouldn't have
used the mannequin head], but
I love how it came out and
have plans to knit another
Sunday Sweater to go along
with it.
My reading this week is super lite,
I am a huge Mary Kay Andrews
fan and Beach Town is the
perfect summer read, especially
when you are sitting on the
beach or laying in hammock
under the pecan trees.
Joining Ginny


  1. Your knitting is so beautiful. That hat looks great on her!

  2. Oh my goodness, she looks lovely with her hat. You are a very fast knitter dear lady :0)

  3. I love that hat! She is absolutely gorgeous. It's always so nice visiting your blog. It's very calming and inspirational.

  4. The looks lovely the red colour is gorgeous with Emerson's blond hair. It looks like you've done a lot of knitting despite working on other things.
    Enjoy the hammock, it sounds so good.

  5. I hope you get the sweater done in time, I'll be your cheerleader :) She looks lovely in the hat and I like the drape of it!! Bittersweet week this week for you, I've been thinking about you :)

  6. cute hat and I love the colour of the jumper.

  7. I have a feeling you will get that sweater done before they leave for Germany! Emerson looks so darn cute in that hat. I'm thinking I may want to get that book from the library before I leave for the Cape on Sunday....

  8. What a sweet hat! The pullover is coming along too. I hope you enjoy your book, the cover is making me long for the beach, any beach, even our craggy coastline!

  9. What a fabulous hat design - your knit looks great. I love the beanie look. A move to Germany - exciting

  10. im knitting a sunday sweater too!! i shall have to check out the book. :)

  11. She looks beautiful and I love the colour!

  12. I also love that hat! I wish the Sunday Sweater was scaled up for adults!

  13. She looks simply fabulous in that hat! Well, she always looks as cute as a button, but the color makes her glow! I got a big kick out of the photo of her laying back and knitting away!! She is doing so good!

    Linda in VA

  14. Had to go back and catch up. Fun, fun, fun :-D

  15. Love the hat Tracey, and it looks great on Emerson. Hope you are enjoying your week. You have been in my thoughts. Sending hugs as you move through this week.

  16. She is super precious! And the hat is cute too ;-)

  17. Emerson is so sweet. I love that color on her. Happy to read she's still clackin' away. I read this author recently, her book, Hissy Fit. I really liked it. It was good and a different kind of romance.

  18. Such a cutie... the hat looks wonderful on her.
    You know who she reminds me of in those pictures? She looks a bit like Dakota Fanning. :-)

  19. Beautiful hat! Beautiful girl!!

  20. She is so cute & looks so adorable in that wonderful hat!

  21. She will love to get it in the mail! If they are going to live on base then you can mail it using US Flat Rate boxes!

  22. Ah, Emerson steals my heart every time! That hat looks perfect on her.

  23. Absolutely beautiful photos and a brilliant and beautiful model as well!

  24. What a sweet, sweet girl! I know you'll miss her terribly.