Wednesday, July 22, 2015


" I am beginning to learn that it is
   the sweet, simple things of life
   which are the real ones after all."

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder



Hi, I am Emerson and I wanted to share
my knitting with you today.

I am staying with my Olie [Long O : Lee],
Pappy and Uncle Alex while my mom,
and Daddy are in Charleston for a few days.
On Monday I asked my Olie to teach me
to knit  because I always see her knitting
and I wanted to learn.

Even though she is left handed  and I
am right handed, we finally got it worked
out, Olie put the yarn on the needle for me
and I knit each stitch. I keep saying the
knitting poem and that helps me a lot.
I am knitting a blanket for my horses.
I think knitting is fun!

My Olie is working on a hat for me, it
is a test pattern for Mrs. Ginny. My Olie
wanted to knit it in purple yarn to match
the pullover she is knitting me,  but I
picked red because it is one of my favorite

Together we are reading Little House in the Big Woods,
and we both like it a lot.

We had fun sitting outside in the shade knitting and
reading, but it was a little hot and then it started
to thunder so we ran back to the house.

Thank you and goodbye!

Joining Ginny


  1. Hello Emerson, What a lovely blog post you have written. I love the little blanket you are making for your horses. When I was your age I had lots of little horses and used to make them stables out of cardboard shoe boxes. When I was a bit older I would walk home from school two bus journeys and save the bus fare to add to my pocket money so that I could go horse riding. We lived in the city and we there weren't any riding stable close by.

    My Olie taught me to knit too. I called her little nanny. I love your knitting poem. I'll have to learn it to for when I have a granddaughter to teach how to knit.

    Have fun with your lovely Olie, the little house books were my favourites too and little women.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Hi Emerson. it is lovely to read your blog. You are getting so big. I remember learning to knit at your age. I am left handed and my mum was right handed, so she showed me in the mirror! I love your horse blanket- it is going to be very cosy. Thank you for telling us about your holiday with your lovely Olie xxx

  3. Hello, Emerson :)
    It was lovely to read everything you've written! You're lucky to have such a special Olie. Keep having fun together!

  4. Dear Emerson,
    What a GREAT blog post! You will always always remember knitting with your Olie. When you are a grown-up and expert knitter, you will look back fondly on these special summer days with her. I'm proud of you!

  5. Hi, Emerson! Your knitting is AWESOME!!! I wished you lived closer to me....I'm an Olie to my knitting Sarah----and you two would have some wonderful stitching time together, I'm sure. Your blanket is amazing...and luckily, it's hot, so your horses aren't in a huge hurry for it to be finished!! Have fun with your Olie---I KNOW you always do. Lots of hugs. xoxxo
    Freddy's mom, Sarah's Grandma.

  6. Such a sweet post, great work on your knitting
    Happy days xx

  7. What a wonderful blog post Emerson. I'm sure Olie was so happy to teach you to knit! That is going to make a wonderful blanket for your horses. I can't wait to see it all finished. Have a wonderful visit with Olie and tell her I said "Hi" <3

  8. What a great post Emerson! Have fun with Olie.

  9. What fun is this! Thank you, Emerson, for sharing your knitting lesson -- you are doing a great job and have an excellent teacher in your Olie. :) My granddaughters are too young to knit, but soon enough, I'll be teaching them!

    In our family, grandmas are called "Baba" so that is what my granddaughters, Charlotte and Linnea, call me. :)

    Please say hello to your sweet Olie from me all the way in Yacolt, Washington! xo

  10. What a great post Emerson. I'm glad you are learning to knit. I learned to knit when I was about your age! I took some time off from knitting when I was in high school because it wasn't "cool" But I shouldn't have cared what other people thought since I love to knit.

    Hope you are having fun with your Olie!

  11. Hi I'm Lyddie and my sister Millie is reading Little House in the Big Woods with my mommy! I learned to knit too! I use the same poem when I work on my washcloth for our playhouse! We live all the way in Washington state on Red Apple Lane.

  12. It is wonderful that your Olie is teaching you to knit!! Your horses will love their blanket. My little girl learned to knit when she was your age with the same poem. Lovely post!

  13. Your knitting is coming along so well Emerson! Looks like you are having a fun time with your Olie :) My daughters used the exact same pair of knitting needles when they learned to knit. They used to call the orange one giraffe and the blue one mouse :)

  14. Welcome to the knitting family Emerson! So good to see what you're up too. I'm looking forward to more knitting and what you're reading posts from you.

  15. Hello sweet Emerson. So nice to read your words. Your Olie talks about you all the time, I almost feel like we've met before. You remind me of my daughter who has been wanting to learn to quilt so she can make mini-quilts for her fairy dolls. You did a great job and thank you for the book recommendation. I'm always looking for good books to add to our family reading list. I hope you'll share your finished blanket with us. We'd love to see it.

  16. Hi Emerson, your knitting is coming along nicely, be sure to do a few rows each day. I still enjoy the little house books.

  17. emerson, you are the sweetest girl ever and I knew your Olie would teach you to knit one day. Your knitting is lovely and I think you should keep on knitting!!

  18. Way to go Emerson! I know just how much your Olie enjoying teaching you to knit, and I can imagine her heart is smiling huge as you two sit together knitting.

    My little man and I have read the entire Little House series, we hope you enjoy it.


  19. Hello Emerson, I very much enjoyed reading your post and seeing your beautiful pictures. How wonderful to picnic in the fresh air and knit with your Olie. My favourite place to knit is outdoors under the trees. Your knitting is looking lovely so far and I just love your little basket too. I can't wait to see you red hat when it is finished. My niece visited me last week and I offered her one of my finished hats which were all kinds of pretty colours and she very nicely requested that I knit her a red one as well. Red seems to be very popular for little girls. :-) Happy knitting to you.

  20. What fun that you have a little friend to knit with...I learned to knit when I was 8...I think it was the perfect time...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  21. You are a darling, Emerson. I wish my girls could meet and play with you. Your knitting needles are so cool! I'm thinking of finding some kid ones for my girls for Christmas.

  22. Emerson has your eyes and your beautiful!!! Have a great day Tracey

  23. Hello Emerson! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting. Red is my favorite color, so I definitely approve of your future hat. Good luck with your knitting, and enjoy your summer!

  24. Hi Emerson : ) First, I want to say how much I like your horses and your kitty knitting needles. I really wish my needles were like that, but they are plain. : ( I think red goes very nicely with purple--it is a chic color choice for a hat! I also want to say that I am very impressed with how much you accomplished in your first knitting lesson! It won't be long before your horses are nice and toasty. Are you excited about going to Germany? I've never been there, but my husband goes every year, and he says it is a beautiful country. I bet it will be a wonderful adventure for you and your family. Thank you so much for posting here today, and tell your Olie that Susan in Massachusetts said, "Hi!".

  25. Hi Emerson - what a lovely post! I love your knitting needles too! Keep going with your knitting and don't forget to post when you've finished your blanket! xxx

  26. Hi Emerson - what a lovely post! I love your knitting needles too! Keep going with your knitting and don't forget to post when you've finished your blanket! xxx

  27. How fun! And you were reading one of my favorite books :-D.

  28. What a beautiful well written post, Emerson. And wonderful photos too! I am very impressed by your knitting. You have a very good teacher. The Little House In The Big Woods is one of my favorite books. I am so glad you are enjoying it.