Sunday, July 19, 2015


"What you have to decide...
is how you want your life to be.
If your forever was ending tomorrow,
would this be how you'd want to
have it spent?
Listen, the truth is, nothing is guaranteed.
You know that more than anybody.
So don't be afraid.
Be Alive."

~ Sarah Dessen.


Life has been full, and
while I am tired, my
heart is happy. I am
loving my life!

Friday was a girl's beach
day with my daughter
Erin, my daughter in love
Shaylin and Emerson.
We walked for miles, played
in the water, feed the birds,
soaked up the sun and made
some memories.

Dinner was on the town,
a blackbean burger topped
with spinach and goat cheese
along with a side of hand cut
fries with rosemary infused
sea salt. I haven't eaten fries
in months and could have
eaten my weight in these.
So, so good.

Saturday was spent playing
with Porter while his mommy
and daddy enjoyed some of
the Water Festival. Emerson
spent a few hours here as well,
getting in some cousin bonding
time. Porter was thrilled to have
her attention.

Today I have walked, laundry
is on the line, bread is soaking,
a movie is queued and my knitting
is waiting, enjoy the day my

Joining Karen.


  1. Hi Tracey - Happy Sunday. I love the quote you began this post with. Wow - you have absolutely beautiful grandchildren! I know you love living near them. What a blessing. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Life sure is good! Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. I love that quote Tracey. Sounds like a full and happy weekend. Seeing your two grandchildren together must have made your heart so very happy. Wishing you a lovely week.

  4. love love love all that your wrote! I am swimming in stress and I keep catching some some moments of peace and savoring them. Love seeing you and your grands! Life is GOOD.

  5. a beach day again!!!!!!! Lucky lucky lucky you..... :) Such sweet photos of the grands, too!!! A mighty fine weekend all around.

  6. Your photos are really fantastic -- especially the beach and sky ones! We don't have that view in Vermont.
    Brett Ann

  7. We had a family weekend with my oldest daughter and spent Saturday at the river...nothing like time with family!! Love your beach pics, Tracey. :)
    xo Lisa

  8. That beach of yours is such a gorgeous playground...what a beautiful setting for Emerson to share with you (I think she has your smile...) Have a lovely week Tracey!!

  9. Love your beach photos! Two weeks to go until I get to walk along the shore, can't wait!!! It is a rare treat for us, only once a year or so.

  10. Wow - Porter is getting so big already! I love the look on Emerson's face while she's holding him. Your beach day sounds so wonderful. I'm glad you are all getting to spend some special time together before they leave. And your day of knitting and movie watching sounds perfect. Enjoy your week Tracey.

  11. What happy photos! Your week sounds like the best kind of busy :)

  12. I love how you're so close to the beach. It's lovely there and I like how it's not crowded.

  13. oh I miss the all looks so good. I'm glad that you are having such fun days with your beautiful girls and the little man.

  14. Seriously wise words to consider. You look like you're using your time well friend. Cheers for living and loving your life.