Thursday, July 23, 2015


'Time has a way of showing
us what really matters."

I do wish my days, my LIFE would
slow down a wee bit because while
I always try to be present, it is going
by too fast!

Thank you for all the comments to
my last post, Emerson was thrilled
to be in this space and to learn to
knit.  I hope when she is in Germany
she keeps it up.

Besides time with yarn and sticks,
we have been busy putting together
puzzles, reading and painting numerous
masterpieces to hang on my walls.

I did some playing in the kitchen
and prepared quinoa patties with
lots of garlic, broccoli and cheddar
cheese, oh my

My bread came out okay, but it really
must be toasted, and toasted well or
it has a funny texture. I have been
eating it along with my smoothie
in the mornings and it does help
keep me full until lunch.

The heat and humidity remain a constant
here, along with huge thunderstorms
every afternoon. I am ready for winter!

I finished the hat I was test knitting
for Ginny and today cast on a newborn
hat in the same pattern. This hat will
be donated, along with some other
items, to my local women's shelter.
Right now it's warm, but before long
winter will be here and most often
women and children arrive at the shelter
with just the clothes they are wearing.
Every little item helps.

Porter is now two months old!

On Saturday my baby Alex will turn 18
and as a special treat he, along with my
daughter, son in love and Emerson left
at 3:00 a.m. and are now in NYC for a
few days to play tourists.  While I already
miss them all I know they are having a
grand time.  Emerson took her knitting
basket along!

Do you have special plans for the
weekend? On Saturday I will
have Porter here again for the day
and then on Sunday Mike and I hope
to be on the beach at sunrise; the logger-
head turtles are hatching and we would
like to witness the miracle.

Much love,


  1. I hope they have a wonderful trip. Your quinoa patties sound and look really delicious. Happy birthday to Alex! I hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. How cool to go to New York and explore. I love seeing Emerson knit. Baby is too cute! Your quinoa patties look good. I need to try to make that.

  3. Oh wow, I hope they have a great time. Happiest of days to Alex. And the loggerhead turtles, I hope you will share photos, that would be so cool to see.

    I have to agree with your Tracey, it doesn't matter how mindful and present I am in my days, they are still flying by much too fast for me.

    Enjoy your weekend. xo

  4. Oh how I feel you Tracey... the minutes seem to runaway from us no matter how mindful of the moments we are. I wanted my baby girl home for the summer to enjoy these last months before school and in a little over one month already, she will be in school. I hope you enjoy every bit of every moment. Happy birthday to your not so baby, have a wonderful week-end!

    PS : We'll be picking wild blueberries and Labrador Tea in the rain this week-end. :-)

  5. Oh yes - time... Where does it go. Have a beautiful weekend my dear friend. xxx

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy!!! that bread looks amazing...I am going to have to try making it when I get home. Thanks for the link and enjoy your weekend Tracey

  7. You are right, time is flying by too quickly! Seems like it wasn't all that long ago that summer break started for us and now we only have one week left. AND then we'll have a senior, gulp... Enjoy your weekend, hopefully you'll get to see the turtles hatch.

  8. loggerhead egg laying....and egg hatching are two things on my bucket list; have you seen them before???? !!!!!!!

  9. Simple little things are the most precious in life!

  10. Happy birthday wishes from the Cascade foothills of SW WA to your Alex! Wow, Tracey -- 18? Where did the time go? My Daniel will be 17 in two weeks, so I know exactly where the time flies. I feel just the way you do, intentionally living in the moment, embracing all God's precious gifts, and oh how I wish I could slow things down, but my efforts seem to be in vain. Sigh. Hope the trip to NY is a fun and memorable one for all and that Emerson has some knitting progress to share when they get back. Enjoy your time with Porter -- so sweet!
    xo Lisa

  11. Oh Happy Birthday to your son. I have an Alex also, mine is Alejandro and he will be 21 :0) enjoy your weekend dear lady.

  12. Happy Birthday to your baby boy! :)
    I am with you, Tracey...time needs to slow down a bit.
    The quinoa patties sound amazing, I need to try them.
    Love that Emerson took her knitting basket with her.

  13. What a beautiful idea to knit for the women's shelter. I hope you get a chance to slow down, rest and refresh this coming week :)

  14. happy birthday to your son! My he is getting old!!I think E will keep the knitting going while she is away. Love that you are making hats for the center. I am recovering from a very busy long weekend of wedding!!!

  15. Those patties look scrumptious. What a lovely idea to knit for the women's shelter. I hope you get to see the turtles. I remember when we holidayed in Turkey I was so excited when we visited Dalyan the turtle beach, I was silly expecting not realising it was the wrong time of year. Hope you catch the miracle.