Thursday, July 16, 2015


"We are traveler's on a comic,
stardust swirling and dancing
the eddies and whirlpools of
infinity. Life is eternal.
We have stopped for a moment
to encounter each other, to meet,
to love, to share. This is a precious
moment. A little parenthesis in
~ Paulo Coelho


[Photo Credit:: Porter's Mommy, Jordan]
Another week is coming to a close
and the weekend is almost upon us.

My days have been filled with
precious moments, moments I
want to always remember....

I've walked early each morning
and noticed my flashlight stays
on a little longer, although the
heat is still stifling.

The cattails are prolific this year
and I can't wait to use them in a
few ways.

I've been spending as much time
as I can with my daughter, son in
love and wee Emerson.

We braved the tourist crowd and
took a ride over to Hilton Head Island,
visited the bookstore, browsed Whole
Foods for a few needed items and
some items we didn't need, had
a great dinner at a local pizza joint,
laughed and made memories.

Wednesday I stayed in my pj's all day,
not even going outside to walk.
I think all the going and doing just wore
me out, my body hurt all over and I
was just exhausted. A day of rest, reading,
knitting, drinking cups of coconut water
and vegetable broth and I feel much

Tomorrow I'm headed to the beach for a
girls day, Beaufort Water Festival begins
tomorrow night and on Saturday I will
be watching little Porter, it's going to
be busy.

I hope your weekend is as fun as the
one I'm planning.

Much love,


  1. I am so glad you are soaking up as much time as you can with your daughter, son in love and Emerson. Making memories is always fun. Sounds like your weekend will be full of good things, and lots of memory making too. Enjoy it Tracey. xo

  2. Oh I do pray you continue to feel better dear lady :0) mari

  3. Such beautiful pictures and such beautiful ladies! Have a wonderful weekend! I wish we could have met while we were in Tybee, but I hope to be back sometime since we all loved it so much. :-)

  4. Priceless, QT with your beloveds. That's the way to go. The festival looks fun! Have a blast.

  5. phew...those littles can wear you out!!! oops. i mean...keep you young! Have a great weekend....i'm off to a fiber market on Saturday. I'm going to try to stay out of trouble.

  6. What a wonderful week... You look wonderful in your tiedye and little Porter is getting not-so-littler (so cute!!). Have a great weekend

  7. That is one cute baby, and I love the three beautiful ladies pic. I babysat my grandson yesterday, I do wish my daughter was ok with family, well anyone actually, sharing pics of him online but she isn't so far :(

  8. What a lovely poem, so true! Your pictures are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Boy do I love Paulo Coehlo. He has been coming up quite a bit lately for me and I am finding myself leaning in more to read and feel his words. And is that your new grandson!!!!???? Oh my oh my what a cute little pumpkin! That smile!!! Beautiful pictures all around, and you look amazing Tracey. I hope you keep resting and take good care of yourself lovely lady. XOXO

  10. Oh, love the group photo...precious! (smiles)
    Enjoy each and every moment, Tracey...we have Jess here this weekend and are sucking up each moment. They leave in a month. :( But it's all good. We know God works all these things for good, even though my heart is aching.
    xo Lisa

  11. What a lovely bunch of ladies!

  12. lovely ladies :) and that baby my is Porter a happy one!! You look lovely and beautiful and so content :)

  13. aw, little emerson! i love your wednesday self-care day very much.

    yum, cattails seem wonderful wild food.