Thursday, July 9, 2015


"Hope" is the thing with feathers—
 That perches in the soul—
 And sings the tune without the words—
 And never stops—
at all—

~ Emily Dickinson



Has anyone else's week flown
by as fast as mine?  My goodness,
this year is flying by.
I found a tiny feather on my
walk and brought it home to
live on my shelf.  Do you collect
little bits of 'life' to savor?  This
will be my inspiration for my
next painting.
I had a great mail week, first
the book I won for the always
amazing Amanda arrived, and
then the yarn I ordered to knit
my Emerson this came in. Now
to finish my shawl so I can cast
on. I am trying very hard to be
a monogamous knitter, but it's
really hard.
The figs are ripe! The birds
and I are eating figs all day
long. Besides munching on
popcorn I have been eating
the prosciutto] for dinner every
night this week.  Figs equal
summer to me so now that
I've eaten about a gallon or two
I am ready for winter...really I am. 

With less than 24 days until my
daughter and her family leave for
Germany I am taking advantage
of every moment I can with Emerson.
Emerson loves to 'craft' and thanks
to Kim we tried our hands at hot
rock painting, it was so much fun
I may do this even if I'm by myself.
We also made necklaces and bookmarks,
read books, and took long walks.
Wee people are so much fun. 
I HOPE each of you has a fantastic
weekend. We are climbing back to
the high 90's so my plan is to head
to the beach regardless of yet another
shark sighting.

Much Love,


  1. Yes our week has flown by too, and I do collect bits of life and nature, and bring them home. I have a shelf just for my nature treasures :)

    So happy you and Emerson enjoyed the hot rock painting, and I love your necklaces. I can't believe the time is fast approaching for the move, soak up every second with your daughter and her family Tracey.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, enjoy the beach. xo

  2. Days fly by as they should. :) I'm so glad that you have the blessing of having Emerson with you as much as possible during this time. The memories you are making will be with you as the changes occur. Much love to you Tracey.

  3. I'm tearing up over the beautiful necklace and your 24 day countdown. I hope you bottle up all of your time and make many many memories. Next up is getting cozy with Skype and long letter writing--A new adventure. I do pick up stuff on walks. Love your quote and I hope you have a fund started to visit your dear sweet E!!

  4. that simple feather turned into a work of does most things that touch your hands! Monogamous knitting? Please tell me it's not true!!! :)
    You will be creating more fun memories with Emerson even when she's away....letters have some kind of magical power of connection and I have a feeling she'll be a wonderful penpal. Until're doing just what I'd be doing----squeezing in every blissful moment. Enjoy them all!

  5. What a lovely post, own dear daughter and son-in-law are leaving mid-August for a three-year stint in Edinburgh where son-in-law will be doing research at the university and a bit of teaching. Daughter is putting on her best face as am I, but it's hard. Skype was a great way to connect while they were in Germany/England/Switzerland for three years. We've only had them back for what will be just under a year and now they're off again. We are saving our pennies and I encourage you to as well!! Praying for you and for safe travels for your loved ones.
    xo Lisa

  6. Glad you had a great week Tracey. I actually don't think I have ever eaten a fig and I've never thought about them growing on the East Coast until I heard about your trees. They sound like such an exotic fruit! The little babe and I found a yellow and black feather yesterday, which is a rare find. Keep enjoying your Summer days.

  7. I concur. Today was running around for a few hours. I don't know how all that piled up for today. Glad it's Friday. I ran. I rollerbladed. Our home smells hella good from the slow cooker. I'm good.

  8. the figs look amazing... ours don't always seem to ripen out here, hopefully this year. Hope you have a lovely weekend with your family.

  9. I love that verse by Emily Dickinson "Hope is the thing with feathers--" ...
    and this was a hope-filled post full of love and savored moments (and figs). You area an inspiration and blessing, Tracey. ♥

  10. The Fig window is very quick and fleeting here, so we tend to take advantage of eating them in abundance. Thank you for linking that recipe, it looks amazing.
    Yay to great mail days and wonderful times with the little people!