Sunday, July 12, 2015


To be beautiful means to be yourself.
You don't need to be accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself.


I realized that the fifteen month
journey to growing my natural
hair out is almost done; except
for about one to two inches on
the side top layer my hair is almost
completely silver. I must confess
during this journey there have
been times I 've been in tears,
missing my long hair, my dark
hair! Wondering if I've made
a terrible mistake. What is it about
hair anyway? It doesn't define
who I am or what I stand for.
 But as my hair has grown out
I don't think I have made a mistake.
I like the 'new' me, both inside and out.
I'm healthy, kind, sensitive, hardworking,
creative, loyal, and peace loving..
It has taken my 51 years to get here and
I'm excited to see what the next
65 years will hold [ oh yes, I plan
on living to be 116].

I wear a Garmin Vivofit 2 and just
received my million step badge
which is pretty motivating to keep
walking, even in this suffocating
heat! I get at least 10, 000 steps in
every morning before breakfast
and  sometimes even 12, 000!

I played with a dragonfly this weekend.
While I have been trying for months
to just get a photo of a pink dragonfly,
the blue ones like me to hold them.

There was more wonderful mail in
my box, the dottie angel frock pattern.
After waiting months for the pattern's
release then not being able to get my
hands on it a very dear and special friend
found it and sent it my way. I am forever
thankful. My son Alex took one look at
the cover and said, 'yes, that looks like
you'.  Ha!

I knit a swatch and met gauge, but before
casting on I am trying to finish my shawl.
I'm not sure of my will power this time,
I think I'm floundering, but having two
wip's isn't too bad, right?

I tried out a new recipe [but I used crunchy
almond butter] and this may have been a
mistake, they are really good.

How was your weekend?

Joining Karen


  1. Oh are beautiful! both inside (from your words that you share here, your prayers sent my way, your beautiful smile) and out (from the way you accepted yourself fully and embrace this new you completely.

    Yes, it does take time for us women, to come to terms with aging. But once we do, the world becomes a different place. A place where we smile more, where we love deeper.

    I feel quite blessed to know such a beauty :0)

    by the blessed you are to have received the frock pattern from Dottie Angel - it is still on backorder :0(

    love to you,


  2. I love the silver! It really suits you and means that you are totally being yourself - a wonderful you.
    I love, love, love that frock pattern - must get my hands on one!

  3. I love your hair Tracey, and you are beautiful my friend. My hair is starting to change, and I am leaving natural, letting it do as it pleases.

    Accepting and embracing who we are is so important, and I wish it was something we learned to do at a much younger age.

  4. I LOVE your hair! Honestly it suits you and you look beautiful and gorgeous!! Glad you stuck out that long growing out phase, phew. Accepting ourselves is a lifetime job, at least for me, and like you I hope I am living as long as you are living :)

  5. I think you are gorgeous and so brave... I started turning grey after my second pregnancy, but I'm not quite ready to grow it out. I've never had a thing about hair when it comes to style and length, but I'm not there for color. I applaud your silver waves. They look amazing on you! xo

  6. Stunning!!! you are B-E-A-utiful...i love the grey ( i myself,have never attempted hair dye because of allergies) Have a wonderful week Tracey

  7. Gorgeous woman! Welcome to the Silverados... I did the same when I turned 50 and I don't regret it. The Dottie Angel pattern is not available here until September I think, so it's on my winter project list. I love your weekend posts and so lovely to see you xxx

  8. 1,000,000! congrats
    the hair looks beautiful. i have had some grey since my early 30's, i love it. it says - i have worked for my wisdom lol

  9. Your hair looks great-love the cut.

  10. The journey has been well worth it.....the silver is beautiful!!! You've picked out fabric for the dress??? Colorful!!! :)
    (Mine will be shades of grey! hee you knew that already!)

  11. Your hair looks beautiful & you do too! Welcome to the silver hair club. I think you will find a sense of pride in having your natural color. I don't mean that in snobbish way, just a sense of being proud of who you really are.

  12. Tracey you are beautiful!! I don't know what it is about hair but I am the same way about mine. It's not silver yet, but I love it long and each time I cut it I think "what have I done?" So much of my inner work the past few months has been to be more compassionate & gentle with my physical and internal self. More accepting & loving towards me. I think it is making me more compassionate towards others too <3

  13. I wish I were so brave, but, alas, my vanity keeps me coloring. :) A lovely 51 year old you are, Tracey. Happy sewing!

  14. I got a fitbit Charge a month ago and I'm SO impressed you get your steps in before breakfast! I always thought I got a lot of steps at work, but in reality, I don't. Your hair is gorgeous! My sides started going grey many years ago. The only time I had them dyed was for my wedding.

  15. I think you you look absolutely beautiful with your natural hair. I love silver hair, it is so elegant. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! xx

  16. I hadn't even realized you were growing your hair out! I tried doing it for a while but my hair is not "silver enough" for my liking (still lots of black left and it doesn't looks great). I love those pictures of dragonflies you capture! They are so beautiful - as are you my friend <3

  17. If my silver hair looked like yours does, I'd go that route too! But mine gets a rusty icky look to it. I'd have to color it silver - LOL! Hmmm, two works in progress. I have about 20 - so you need to get busy - tee hee!

    Linda in VA

  18. Oh Tracey, why do we women fret about something so silly as hair? It's just dead cells on top of our head that need daily attention. I'm glad I cut my hair routine back to just occasional washing with baking soda. You look lovely au natural, you are healthy, active, and creative. Can't wait to see your new tunic - it looks super cute!

  19. You are gorgeous and I love how you're keeping it real. Just think all that money you spend on color and highlights you can use it for something else. I want that frock!!! Can you make me one :O).

  20. Tracey, I think your hair looks amazing. I enjoy the shorter look you are sporting, and the natural color is simply stunning. Will you continue to keep it short, or grow it out again?

  21. I love your silver hair! You are a beautiful woman! I have never really colored my hair much and I notice in some of the latest pictures of me that white hair seems to be framing my face now. No worries. I have decided that it is what it is and this is a season of life to enjoy - just like all the other seasons of life. Your hair is really lovely. I'm going to try your recipe. You always share such good ones! Have a good week.

  22. Your hair is awesome, why on earth do people want to cover up grey hair?

  23. Hello Tracey! I'm glad you are recognizing what those of us have known ever since visiting here for the first time - you are in incredible and beautiful woman. I adore your grey hair! Thanks for sharing which step counter/monitor you use, I think I may just need to invest in one of those myself : ) wishing you happy, beautiful summer days! xo

  24. what a fun dress! I love the silver too-- you look marvelous!

  25. You're a fox! Love the silver ... I really do. Your inner and outer beauty shines so brightly; glad you decide to stay on the path you're on. xo