Wednesday, June 10, 2015


...passions are not equivalent to vices,
but rather constitute and intrinsic part
of human nature created in the image
and likeness of God. They must, therefore,
be not eliminated but illuminated, that
is to say properly educated and directed.

~ John Chryssavgis

I am thrilled that after
almost a year my Aise'
is almost complete!
This knit has been my
traveling companion,
something the has lived
in my bag and has been
worked on a little here,
a little there, but with
only two inches to the
end it is now beside my
rocking chair.

In the evenings, after hours
of working in the garden
[and dragonfly watching]
I knit a few rows and it
is slowly moving along.
The yarn I am knitting is
Araucania Yumbrel, a lace
weight cotton that is nice
in my hot and humid area.

All the Light We Cannot See
is still on my nightstand and
I am enjoying the story.

Joining Ginny


  1. Tracey, your photos of the dragonfly are absolutely amazing. You should enter them in a contest somewhere because I am certain you would win!

    I'm glad for you that your project is almost complete.

  2. YOW! That dragonfly pic is awesome!!!!!!!!!! and he matches (sort of) the aise! I'm wishing (sort of!) that I hadn't frogged mine. Yours is looking magical.

  3. I am in awe of the dragonfly photo, what an incredible shot!! Yay for almost finished knits, your Aise is looking wonderful!

  4. WOW,that dragonfly photo is amazing and I like how you wove his colors into the rest of your post.

  5. love all your photos and the yarn colour is just perfect. Well done.

  6. Your photos! I can't even! Just beautiful :-) And that yarn looks so pretty, love the pattern.

  7. I love dragonflies - what an amazing photo! The Alise looks lovely - gorgeous colour.

  8. I love dragonflies - what an amazing photo! The Alise looks lovely - gorgeous colour.

  9. so beautiful and delicate Tracey! I cut off a few chive blossoms yesterday and am steeping them in vinegar for a few days, i am hoping for a chiv-ey salad dressing... have a lovely day!

  10. You really have captured some stunning photos. The shawl is beautiful and sounds like you have enjoyed the journey of knitting it.

  11. I LOVE the dragonfly pictures!

  12. What great shots you got of that dragonfly Tracy! You are so close to finishing that beautiful shawl. I bet you will be a tiny bit sad when you bind it off. I have a feeling a new one will jump on the needles pretty quickly.

  13. Your photography is always stunning. How beautiful your Aise is! I had to take that book back to the library. : (

  14. beautiful beautiful shawl! I bet you are so happy that it is off the needles finally :)

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! As always.

  16. wow...that dragonfly was definitely posing for your camera!!! I've never looked one in the eye before this (at least I think those are his eyes). I also love your shawl and how it camouflages into the scenery !!!

  17. Wow, what a long project in time and length! I don't think I could have a project around for that length of time - it would weigh on me too much. Great dragonfly photo! Just this morning we saw a new adult dragonfly sitting on a tree right next to the nymph stage shell that it hatched from. Pretty neat.

  18. Love that shot of the dragonfly, stunning! And your shawl is gorgeous Tracey.

  19. what a fabulous capture of that dragonfly - i like them so much.

    how exciting (and perhaps a little sad?) to be almost done with that knit.

    (looking up the Doerr read....)

  20. Congrats on finishing the Aise, it's beautiful. Also the book All the Light We Cannot See is a great story, I hope you enjoy it! :)

  21. I find it amazing how you are able to get such close shots of insects. We have been seeing a dragonfly about our neighborhood. It's a thrill for us because we didn't see them in the city.

  22. As always...stunning shots and beautiful words. I enjoyed All The Light...

  23. Wow, Aise pattern looks amazing - so simple, but sophisticated! Thank you for sharing! You are right, it's a perfect on-the-go project!

  24. Wow, that looks so soft and delicate. I can almost feel it through my fingers. It,s beautiful. We have been frequently visited by dragonflies as well. They are so lovely to watch.

    Hope you week is a lovely one. xo