Thursday, June 11, 2015


time stands still
best in  moments
that look suspiciously


I discovered this week
that the deer once again
have been visiting my
grape arbor, eating the
leaves and the grapes
before they are even ripe.
Not even the bells are
keeping the deer away,
so I won't be making any
plans for what remains.
I guess the deer need them
more than me this year.

The pecan crop is looking
very good so  my fingers
are crossed that I will be
able to harvest enough
to put in the freezer for
holiday baking.

We have been having summer
storms every afternoon, often
knocking my power for hours
at a time. We have spent the
evening reading by candle light
and talking; it's been nice, even
without the a/c.

I have been detoxing this week,
only eating fruits and vegetables,
drinking cups and cups of Yogi
Detox Tea, along with lemon,
apple cider vinegar, cayenne
pepper and water, consuming
some coconut oil every day
and taking long Epsom salt baths.
For the first two day not having
any caffeine really affected me,
but now that I am on day 4, I
feel so much better. I would like
to stay on this plan for a few more
days, but am just taking it one
day at a time.

I cast off and blocked my Aise'.
After using Soak I used blocking
wires to get a sharp, straight edge
and I really like how it turned out.

I need to finish working on my
Grey Socks and then I will be
casting on a new project....
Cabinfour's Water's Edge. I visited
my LYS today and with the advice
from Robin will be using two colors
I've never worn before, but am told
will look great with my new silver
hair, Cria Lace in light teal and
Meadow in Bluebonnet. I can't wait
to cast on.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
remember to pay attention to all
those little moments. :)

Much Love,


  1. Coveting thy yarn. How smart deer are to sniff out the best food. I had an ex whose aunt would sprinkle pepper around the garden. Perhaps you can hang little sachets of pepper on the arbor?

  2. oh, that pattern....and your colors! that just might be added to the mix here, too....still debating on the travel knits. the pile continues to grow. we better leave home soon!

  3. Your grapes vs deer are like my strawberries vs possoms! Our nocturnal creatures have now started on my potted lemon tree - pruning all the young shoots marvellously!! Liking the sound of the detox.

  4. Reading by candlelight, I think that is one of the best things about a power outage :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Tracey. xo

  5. grumble grumble...those deer...I had that tea message in the winter and it still echoes in my mind. Lovely words to read and live by. The little moments of life is what it is all about :) Have a restful peaceful weekend my friend.

  6. Your detox plan sounds great (thank goodness for all the fruits and veggies in season)...I'll have to look for that yogi tea. The deer have been visiting me too- all my hostas are now topless. Have a great weekend Tracey.

  7. Sorry, the deer got to your grapes before you did... We don't have any deer problems here, but I've had a few bug issues in the garden this year that I've not had to deal with before. Always something... ;-) Your Aise looks great, I can't wait for you to model it for us! The new pattern and the yarn you got for it looks lovely. I bet you'll look gorgeous wearing it!

  8. Well, at least your grapes look healthy. Mine have bit the dust - the fruit just shriveled up and died after the flowers finished blooming. The vines are still beautiful though. The fact that you grow pecans is really exciting - I'd love to have nut trees, other than acorns!

  9. You had a very blessed week dear lady :) deer do not visit my garden but squirrels sure like to play havoc with my vegetable beds :-(. When I lived in Colombia, we lost power quite often, and I learned to do so many things by the light of a flickering candle. Praying that your detox brings you calmness. Have a great weekend Tracey.

  10. Looks like some wonderful ordinary moments!

  11. beautiful week - love and blessings to you xxx

  12. Oh I've been having yogi tea too. When I found the fire cider recipe I also found a link to a cute looking guru with a long white beard who filmed a video explaining how he makes it with warm milk and all those good ingredients that you use too.

    Thank you for telling us about the epsom salt baths, I had no idea that they were detoxing.
    Happy days.

    Oh a shame about your grapes but good to know that the wild life likes your garden. We've planted a tiny vine so it will be a few years before we have any fruit.

  13. Good luck on your detox. While I know it is hard, the benefits really are worth it. As you are already feeling. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your new shawl progress in those colors. I have no doubt those colors will look amazing on you!

  14. Detoxing is always hard at first, but you feel so wonderful so quickly... it's a great motivator. I hope you keep it up like you want it. Is all caffeine out? I'm asking because the detox we did last year had us drinking green yerba maté or guayusa tea. They are really nice. The yarn is lovely.