Sunday, June 7, 2015


Always believe that something
wonderful is about to happen.

I hope your weekend was all
you wanted it to be and more,
mine was.

I walked 10.5 miles each day,
worked in the gardens,
cleaned chicken coops,
ate fresh, home grown vegetables,
picked blueberries,
organized my yarn stash,
had sweet surprises in the mail,
ate a delicious snicker doodle cupcake,
knit on my Aise',
and held a sweet baby!

Joining Karen


  1. Sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend to me! I finally went walking with a friend again this weekend and it felt wonderful! Worked in the garden some, enjoyed some pool time, went out and ate at the restaurant Hannah is working at now... Lots of good things! And the kitchen finally got done which made me oh so happy. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness Tracey, that sweet grandson of yours, he is just adorable! Wishing you a lovely week. xo

  3. I don't normally think babies are cute, but he actually IS really cute! Look at those squash and blueberries already - we're just coming into strawberry season here.

  4. I need to vacay at your house. You'd motivate me to get my walk on. Your hen is bold and I like that leaf shot. Imagine being a fairy and sliding down that spiral.

  5. you take such gorgeous pictures...and your grandson is getting handsomer by the day!!!

  6. 10.5 miles a day... very impressive. I now know that I have to stop using the hot, humid weather as my excuse every day as I know you have the same type of weather to deal with.
    Those blueberries look so tempting.
    The baby is absolutely precious.
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  7. sweet and gentle. i would have liked more walking!
    ah, you got to that yarn stash, satisfying.
    loving that chook's fierce look lol

  8. wow, I read that as 105 miles...rubbed my eyes and took another look! 10.5 is amzing...but 105 would have been miraculous...I love Pucka tea it's amongst my favourite, especially the Three ginger with, ginger, galangal and turmeric root. Yummy. It's the sweetest baby...I'm so envious of you...
    Happy days,

  9. i absolutely can't imagine a better weekend!!! That chicken pic!!!! Made me smile!

  10. Sounds like the most wonderful weekend ever! Just what I would love to do as well. And that little baby is too adorable.

  11. Hands down the best weekend. :) Adore that chicken face and of course sleeping little love.

  12. what a beautiful weekend, tracey!
    and that sweet babe...

  13. gah...I read 105 miles and nearly fell off my chair! Glad to see there was a decimal and you are not wonder woman. That Porter is one sweet adorable beauty!!

  14. Holding that adorable sweet thing would be the best part of the weekend!

  15. I would say that is just a beautiful weekend indeed :)

  16. Lovely photos... good for you with your walking!

  17. What a wonderful weekend you've had, Tracey...especially hold the sweet boy. He is absolutely gorgeous!

  18. What a beautiful (!!!) little soul you've got there, Tracey. Sounds like a lovely weekend : ) xo